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Board Games News on! Including new releases, game updates and sales. For PC, Mac, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, phone and tablet.

Board Games for PC and Mac

Play Classic Risk on PC and Mac | Play Scrabble against Computer | Hasbros Monopoly for PC and Mac | Game of Life Multiplayer Game App | 3D War Chess Full Version Download for PC

Hasbro Games for Switch

Official Hasbro games for Nintendo Switch includes local/offline and online multi-player modes! Trivial Pursuit and Risk Download | 3D MONOPOLY | Play Clue / Cluedo Online | Hasbros Battleship

For PS4 and Xbox One: Hasbro Game Bundles for PS4 and Xbox One | Jackbox Party Packs

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Heroes Of Hellas Games Series

Heroes Of Hellas Games Series List Order

This post details all of the Heroes Of Hellas games. With match 3 puzzle games listed in order of release.

From Jaibo Games and Alawar Entertainment.

Available for PC download, one also available for Mac.

For more match 3 games, lists and reviews, see my posts below.

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Faerie Solitaire Harvest for Mac

Faerie Solitaire Harvest

Faerie Solitaire Harvest, tomorrow’s Big Fish Games release for Mac download.

From Subsoap and Puppygames.

This new Mac card game includes relaxing but challenging, family-friendly fantasy adventure game play.

For more solitaire games for computer and mobile, see my list of posts below.

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Cursed House 7 Match3 Game

Cursed House 7 FRH Games

Cursed House 7, a new match 3 game on Big Fish.

And another top-rated installment in FRH’s popular puzzle series!

Available for PC and Mac, including free demo download.

For the full Cursed House series list so far, see my post below.

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Classic Battleship for Nintendo Switch

Hasbros Battleship for Nintendo Switch by Marmalade StudioHasbros Battleship, the classic naval combat game now out on Nintendo Switch. From Marmalade Game Studio.

With a number of game play modes.

Play classic Battleship against the computer in single player mode.

Or play against friends, family and other people – in local or online multiplayer!

Unlock unique commanders and arenas, inspired by historical naval battles.

For more Hasbro board games made for Nintendo Switch by Marmalade Studio. Plus more top Switch games and bundles, see my posts listed below.Read More »Classic Battleship for Nintendo Switch

Mosaic: Game of Gods III

Mosaic Game of Gods III on Big Fish

New out on Big Fish, Mosaic: Game of Gods III.

From New Bridge Games.

A gorgeous and colorful mosaic puzzle game.

For PC and Mac download, including free demo.

See my list of posts below for more top mosaic games for computer.

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THE GAME OF LIFE Vacations Game App

THE GAME OF LIFE Vacations Game App for iPad iPhone Android

New out this week, THE GAME OF LIFE Vacations.

From Marmalade Game Studio.

A spin-off mobile game app of the family favorite Hasbro board game.

Now out for iPad and iPhone from the Apple App Store. And coming soon to the Play Store for Android devices too.

With this Game of Life game you can play in a number of game modes. Including offline and online multi-player!

For more Hasbro games for mobile, computer and console. See my list of posts below, including Cluedo for Switch, also by Marmalade!

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Cluedo for Nintendo Switch

Clue Cluedo for Switch ReviewFor fans of the classic detective game, Cluedo.

There’s a new digital adaptation of the popular whodunnit board game, now available for Nintendo Switch.

So you now can play Cluedo (or Clue) in a number a ways. On your TV or on your Switch tablet. Play against computer opponents in single-player mode. Or play multi-player locally or with other people online!

For more details of the Switch console. As well as a list of classic board games to play on Nintendo Switch, see my list of posts below.

August 2019 Update: New Egyptian Adventure theme, see below for details.Read More »Cluedo for Nintendo Switch

Jackbox Games for TV, Tablets & Consoles

Jackbox Party Game Series List

This post details the Jackbox Party Pack game series.

The popular party games including trivia, word, drawing, guessing, bluffing games and more! Perfect for your next game night or party. The JPP games are also designed to be played online with large groups.

I’ve listed the party packs available in the series, in order of release. With details of the games included in each party pack. As well as detailing all the ways you can play these hilarious online party games.

October 2021 Update: JPP8 now out, see below for details.

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