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Play Classic Board Games on PC and Mac

Play Classic Board Games on PC and Mac

This is a list of classic family board games. Available to play on PC and Mac. These computer versions use the same gameplay and rules.

As the original popular tabletop board games. But with some added bonuses! The main advantage is that you can compete against the computer.

And second, you can play against other people online! For more digital board games including versions for mobile. See my posts included below.

Computer Board Games for the Family!

This list of computer board games includes:

  1. Classic Risk™ – A turn-based strategy game. Use your combat tactics. And aim for world domination!
  2. Scrabble – A tile-based word game. That will test your vocabulary skills.
  3. Monopoly ® – All about building your property empire! The original Tycoon game.
  4. Game of Life – The twists and turns of life, in a board game!
  5. Battleship – Cool naval battle game. Play against the computer. Or multi-player online.
  6. Yahtzee – The classic dice game is brought to life to be played with family and friends online.
  7. Backgammon – Provides a virtual platform for players to enjoy the classic board game.
  8. Cribbage – Allows players to engage in strategic card play and compete against opponents.

1. Play Risk Against the Computer or Online for PC & Mac

Play Risk Against the Computer or Online for PC Mac

This is probably one of my favorite board games! The classic strategy game of world domination. Test your military strategy skills.

And take on your enemies in combat. To capture as many of their territories as possible. As well as defending your own lands. The ultimate aim is to succeed in world domination!

This computer version uses the same rules and classic gameplay. But is enhanced with more interaction. And 2 gameplay modes. Plus you can choose to play against 5 computer opponents. Which increase in difficulty.

You can also play Risk online with the multiplayer option. Work your way up through the ranks. Earning medals and awards!

Risk II Game Single Player Mode- Play Risk Against the Computer

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2. Play Scrabble Against Computer or Online for PC & Mac

Play Scrabble Against the Computer or Online for PC Mac

The fantastically fun crossword game is now specially designed for your PC or Mac.

Build words using letter tiles and enjoy quick, easy-to-learn controls and fantastic features. Play solo, compete with the computer, or challenge up to three friends in a Hot Seat challenge.

Choose from a variety of game styles. Adjust the difficulty level when you play on the computer. Track your best words and top scores, and chart your progress to become the best SCRABBLE player you can be.

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3. Play Classic Monopoly Against the Computer for PC & Mac

Play Classic Monopoly Against the Computer for PC Mac

Description: Build your fortune as you buy, sell, and trade the world’s most famous properties.

It’s classic Monopoly fun! Take a ride on Reading Railroad, build a house on Baltic Avenue, or buy up the whole neighborhood — it’s your turn to get rich!

You’ll take a spin around the world’s favorite board with animated tokens, 3-D dice and customized game environments. Prove your skills as a deal maker in up to three levels of difficulty.

Pass GO, take a Chance, or head over to Community Chest as you wheel and deal your way to the top. But remember to stay out of Jail! Are you ready to own it all?

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4. Game of Life Board Game for PC & Mac

Game of Life Board Game for PC and Mac

Description: Spin the wheel and choose your path – the possibilities are endless! Anything can happen in The Game of Life! Choose your car and take a spin on the winding road of life.

Play it safe with sensible choices like college, marriage, and kids. Or play it risky with high-stakes investments and lavish luxuries.

You can even increase your chances of getting rich and winning big with Share the Wealth cards and Life Spaces. Either way, discover what your future holds in colorful, 3-D play. The Game of Life has never been better!

See also: New THE GAME OF LIFE Game App with Online Multiplayer Mode. For tablets and phones.

5. Play Battleship Against the Computer or Online for PC & Mac

Board Games for PC Mac - Battleship

Description: It’s a hit! The all-time favorite naval battle game is reloaded for PC and Mac!

Launch strikes with mouse-driven precision as you destroy enemies in Classic mode or Salvo mode.

Witness 3-D guns blazing and smoke-billowing carriers sinking to their doom.

Use strategic and tactical skills to earn Super Weapons.

Improve your rank from Seaman all the way to fully-fledged Admiral. Achieve total victory at sea!

6. Yahtzee Against the Computer or Multiplayer for PC / Mac / Android

Description: roll the dice in single or multiplayer modes in this digitized version of the classic dice game. Score through a variety of rolls, aiming to hit the five-of-a-kind Yahtzee! (Worth 50 points).

For new players, Yahtzee Online features a detailed rulebook that explains the game and its history.

Play Yahtzee for PC / Mac

7. Play the Classic Board Game, Backgammon

Description: Backgammon is a classic two-player board game where each player aims to move their pieces around a triangular board and ultimately bear them off.

The game involves strategic dice rolls, blocking opponents’ moves, and skillfully managing one’s own checkers to outmaneuver and win the game.

The online version features the game in single-player mode and has a helpful rulebook for new players.

Play Backgammon at their Mobile-friendly Desktop Site

8. Try Out the Fast-Paced Game of Cribbage

Description: Cribbage is a fun and engaging card game traditionally played by two players, but can also be played with three or four.

The game involves players scoring points by forming various combinations of cards in their hands and on a shared playing board, while strategically pegging points along the board’s track to reach the winning score.

The online version features the game in easy, standard, and pro modes.

Play Cribbage Online at their Mobile-friendly Desktop Site

Hasbro Board Games for Tablets and Phones

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