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Play Classic Scrabble against the Computer for PC or Mac

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Classic Scrabble Board Game for PC and Mac

This version of the classic Scrabble game for PC and Mac.

Allows you to play against computer opponents. Or play in multi-player mode, and play Scrabble with friends.

This computer version of Hasbro’s Scrabble. Uses the classic word board game rules and play.

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Classic Scrabble Computer Game

With this version of the popular crossword game. You can play Scrabble on your PC or Mac. The game controls are easy-to-learn and game play familiar. Plus there are some cool extras in this version, compared to the table-top game.

Classic Scrabble Board Game for PC and Mac
Classic Scrabble Board Game for PC and Mac

Play Scrabble Against the Computer or Multi-Player Mode

There are multiple game modes including solo play, competing against the computer.
Or you can challenge up to 3 friends in a HotSeat online mode.
Plus you get to choose from a variety of styles.

Play Scrabble Against the Computer or with Friends Online
Play Hasbro Scrabble Against the Computer or with Friends – Screenshot

Improve your Scrabble skills by varying the difficulty level when you playing against the computer.
And by using the in-game helpful tips.
This game keeps track of your top scores so you can see your progress.

Play Scrabble against Computer for PC or Mac

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