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Play Risk II on PC and Mac – Risk 2 Game

Risk II Game - Play Risk Online Against ComputerGame details and screenshots of the Risk II game.
Hasbro’s sequel computer version of the classic board game, Risk.

This enhanced version is available for PC and Mac.

You can play this Risk version in a number of modes.
Including playing classic Risk online against computer. In single-player mode.
Or play against others in online multi-player mode. And much more!

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Hasbro’s Sequel to the Classic Risk Game

Risk II Game for PC and Mac

By: Hasbro.
Genres: Classic Board, Strategy, Military, Online Multi-Player, Turn-Based, Single-Player.

The Risk II game - Hasbros sequel version for PC Mac
The Risk II game – Hasbro sequel version for PC Mac

Description: As Supreme Commander, you’ll seize territories, crush your enemies, and betray your allies in a fast-paced, ruthless quest for world domination. Play the Classic Game under the familiar rules, trading cards for armies and rolling the dice to outdo your opponent. Play the Simultaneous-Turn option for a whole new Risk experience that includes I-COM communication and negotiation features, territory-depth enhancements, and territory bidding. [Source: Amazon]

Risk II Game Single Player Mode- Play Risk Against the Computer
Risk II Game Single Player Mode Play Risk Against the Computer
Risk II for PC & Mac – Features
  • Classic or Advanced map options. Play on the traditional number of territories. Or a map with added territories and connections.
  • 2 ways to play. Classic game or Simultaneous-Turn option. Now all players are involved at the same time.
  • Optional 3D world globe view.
  • Single or multiplayer capability over a LAN or the Internet.
  • Mission-based play option. Each player provided with pre-set objectives for an innovative take on the way RISK is played.
  • Use the chat and iconic Communication features for diplomacy.
  • Risk 2 is the ultimate form of this world-domination game. For all ages to enjoy.
Risk II Game MultiPlayer Mode- Play Risk Online
Risk II Game MultiPlayer Mode Play Risk Online

Play Risk II on PC and Mac

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