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New Board Games for Nintendo Switch

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Best Board Games on Nintendo Switch RISK Download2 top board games new out on Nintendo Switch.

RISK Global Domination and TRIVIAL PURSUIT.

Also new out for Switch, Jeopardy! based on the popular quiz show.

From Ubisoft.

All 3 games are available to download for Switch.

For more top classic board games to play on Switch and PC. Including ways to play against the computer or play against others with multiplayer mode, see my posts below.

Top Board Games on Nintendo Switch

From: Hasbro and Ubisoft.
Genres: Board, Brain-Teaser, Family, Online Mode, Multi-Player.
Released: October 2018.

RISK Global Domination

RISK download for Nintendo Switch: Lead your troops to victory in this modern version of the classic RISK game. With enhanced 3D visuals, custom rules, and tactical gameplay. Play at home or on the go with up to four players. Or play solo against opponents online from around the world.

New Board Games on Nintendo Switch RISK Global Domination
New Board Games for Nintendo Switch Download – RISK Global Domination
Game Play
  • Classic rules with a twist: Play with the standard rules. Or choose Capture the Capitals for a shorter game.
  • Modern battle map: Direct your troops from a high-tech control room and get tactical advice to help you reach your objectives.
  • Exciting rewards: Unlock epic videos of tank battles, air combat, and more as you lead your troops to victory.
  • Challenge yourself online: Play against opponents from around the world or take on the best of the best in League Play.
  • With Nintendo Switch you can now enjoy RISK anytime, anywhere! Play at home on your TV screen or on the go with the tabletop and handheld modes.
Play RISK Global Domination

Available from US Amazon: Risk Board Game Download for Switch.

You can also play this Risk version on PS4 and Xbox One. For details, see my post: Hasbro Game Bundles for PS4 and Xbox One.

Also available in a Hasbro Game Night Bundle for Switch from: Amazon US or Amazon UK.


TRIVIAL PURSUIT Live! download for Nintendo Switch: Experience the thrill of competing on a TV trivia game show at home or on the go. Featuring different question formats to challenge players from beginner to expert. You can even take on players from around the world in online play. For up to four players. Customize your gameplay: Choose your favorite categories, question-and-answer formats, and even your game length. Inclusive for everyone through adapted difficulty levels and unique catch-up game rounds. Get the whole family on board: Kid-friendly questions let the whole family play together! Play in teams with up to four players with the Versus mode.

Top Board Games on Nintendo Switch Trivial Pursuit Download
Top Board Games for Nintendo Switch Download – Trivial Pursuit

Available from US Amazon: TRIVIAL PURSUIT Download for Switch.

Also available in a Hasbro Game Night Bundle for Switch from: Amazon US or Amazon UK.


Jeopardy! download for Nintendo Switch: Play America’s Favorite Quiz Show anytime, anywhere. Show off your knowledge and test your reflexes as you make your way to Final Jeopardy! Enjoy the game at home or on the go, or challenge players online. Play Classic mode for the full, traditional experience, or Quick mode for a shorter, jam-packed session. Choose your favorite categories and unlock new ones as you progress in the game. Take advantage of over 2,000 clues, featuring photos, videos, and music. Get the whole family in on the action with Family mode, featuring specially adapted, family friendly puzzles and clues.

Board Game Releases for Nintendo Switch Jeopardy Download
Family Game Releases for Nintendo Switch Download – Jeopardy
Play Jeopardy!

Available from US Amazon: Jeopardy Board Game Download for Switch.

More Board Games for Nintendo Switch

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Digital Board Games for Computer

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