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Boxes: Lost Fragments Walkthrough: Chapter 1 (Intium)

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Boxes Lost Fragments Walkthrough

Boxes: Lost Fragments is a new puzzle game from Big Loop Studios, one that I’ve been waiting for quite a while now – and one it was worth waiting for!

Today, I will share the complete walkthrough for Boxes: Lost Fragments Chapter 1, also named Intium): the first challenge in this epic game that’s all about opening masterfully crafted boxes. A really difficult challenge lies ahead, so here are my step by step instructions!

  • The first puzzle you need to solve is relatively easy: solve the maze in the middle to bring the two pieces together. This will reward you with a lock for the mechanical key you have received when starting the chapter. Drag the key into the hole, then rotate to open.
  • Take the mask. Once you do, a trap will trigger, unlocking you inside. It’s time to use your with and puzzle solving skills to escape!
  • First, turn around to see the armor. Take the token from the blue box and use it on the contraption above the box to unlock a hidden area. There will lay the first box you’ll have to unlock.
  • Rotate the box until you see the small door on the side. Pull the blue lock to open it and look inside, then rotate the two until they’re into position so you have access to the thingie in the gap there. Pull it to get access to more of the box. Open the door and take the key.
  • Use the key on the opposite side of the box and take the mechanical disk. Inspect it, then open it to reveal it in its entirety. Then navigate to the table and put the disk inside the box there.
  • Now you can open it some more. Drag the lock to one side to open the box and take the metal sphere you find inside. Then navigate to the big box in the wall and put the sphere there, rotating it so that the metal part is facing the interior.
  • After doing this correctly, the box will light up and you’ll be able to complete the side puzzle with the lit-up circles by rotating the two discs on the side until the front circles match the ones in the back. When this is done correctly, the box will light up even more.
  • For the next puzzle, you can check out the clue behind the box. To solve it, you will have to first move all the symbols to the sides, then press the middle button which will turn them around. If a symbol is in the correct spot, drag it back to the middle. When all is correct, the door will open – go inside.
  • In the new area, you will notice a statue holding a pendant. First, move the flowers to the sides and take the compass. Move all the way to the original box and place the compass on the side of the box that we haven’t solved yet.
  • Move the swirling globe until the compass and the symbol on the globe are matched. When you do, you’ll be able to take a final object – the bear sigil. Take it and then go through the newly opened door in the original room.
  • A brand new box for you – what a surprise! Rotate it until you can see, through the glass wall, the rotating gear. Press the blue button when the gear has three circles above (behind the glass) and the large opening below. Now take the mechanical wheel.
  • Go to the table and pull the handle – it will reveal a hidden drawer. Place the newly acquired mechanical wheel on the drawer, then turn it until the spiky part is inside, then take the handle.
  • Explore the table once more – look at the books and take another handle from the final one. Then look at the upper side of the box and rotate the cap below the blue lid until you reveal another handle – take it as well! Finally, get behind the see through glass and pull the lever.
  • Place the handles to the left and bottom sides of the opening, then drag the left one down until almost at the bottom, while the bottom one is close to the left one. Here’s how it should look like (take the dropped item!):
Boxes Lost Fragments hidden disk placement
  • Next, move to the side of the glass and rotate the half circles at the top at bottom until you can open both doors. Place the metal disk on the bottom and pull the lever. Then put the star handle on the table, under the box. Then, turn the handle until the holes align and you can see the toy – notice the symbol here, which looks like a…well… 69 but it’s actually the zodiac sign for Cancer. Turn it around and collect the key from its back.
  • Now go to the clock part on your box and use the key to activate it. As it moves, you need to interact with the gems to the sides until they are all blue. Once you do, you will get the spyglass.
  • Next, pull the lever and look around you to see the symbols and the exact time on the ghost clock (5:47). As for the symbols, you will see the trident and the 69-like one from the toy. Now make your clock to match it – set it to show the time 5:47, the large circle to show the trident and the small one the 69 thingie.
  • Once you do all these, get the ornate hourglass and move through the door for the third box (what a beautiful one!)
  • On one of the sides of the new box, the one with the pink flower-thingie, rotate the half-disk above it to the right and then move the button there to the right. Then move to the opposite side and interact with the handles – drag one up, and the other down, then drag the plates left and right, then up and down and finally take the key. Use it on the small box near the main one and take the ornate sphere inside.
  • While here, you should also check the black side of the column to the left, towards the small box. You will notice a pink arrow on top and bottom. Zoom in and rotate the upper and lower parts of the column until the empty arrows align with the pink ones. Then move the new handle to the right and pick up the ladybug from the newly opened drawer.
  • Inspect the sphere you got earlier and solve the puzzle there to get a tool. You will need to drag the blue buttons on the sphere either up or down to the matching blue gems. So if there’s a blue gem up, drag the bit one upwards and if there’s one on the bottom, drag it down. When you complete all of these, you will get the tool.
  • Get back to the pink flower side that we opened up before and place the tool in the middle. Rotate it all the way to the right to open up the flower. Switch the small and large petals of the flower around (simply drag them one over another) until they match the design on the other side. Here is how it should look:
Flower Puzzle Solved
  • Once the flower turns around, click the center to reveal a shield and take it. Then place it in the appropriate area on top of the box and solve the next puzzle by turning the disks so that the gems will create a full circle in the middle. Simply put the smaller circles in the position shown below, then tap the large, middle button to solve it:
diamonds puzzle
  • Place the ladybug on top and all the sides of the box will open to a new puzzle where you will have to guide the ladybug to the exit by interacting with the various objects there.
  • First, rotate the circle under the ladybug to lower the platform above, then drag down the wall to the right so it looks like stairs, and afterwards rotate the wheel above the ladybug to have her move to the stairs. In order for it to climb them, you will have to pull them up again.
  • In the new puzzle, collect the owl from the middle and exit. Next, click the wheel under the ladybug to rotate the part to the right and when the stairs are aligned, the ladybug will cross over. Rotate again and pull up the blue gemstone so the ladybug can reach the exit – it will climb over the new column and you have to drag it all the way to the left.
  • Finally, the ladybug will exit and you can pick up the owl figure and you’ll be able to proceed to the final box.
  • Inspect the sides of the box. The octopus has its left eye out of the socket – interact with it and collect the Anchor. Go to the other side and interact with the octopus eye to get a seahorse metal figure. Finally, get the Clam Shell after interacting with the wing-like thingies in the center of the back side of the box.
  • Place the Clam Shell on the front side of the box to open it. Get the pearl inside and place it on top of the box in the appropriate spot. The new puzzle requires you to move the levers up and down until they are all blue. Here’s how they should look like:
puzzle solution blue levers
  • There is a new note about Dark Energy there and another puzzle for you to complete – but we’re missing an item! To get it, we must move to the clam shell part of the box, and use the anchor on the side of the glass cover, then rotate to open and pick up the Model Ship. Inspect it and turn it around to reveal a level – pull it right to get a Model Ship with a Stand.
  • Go back to the puzzle on top and place the ship on the support to the right. Your goal is to take it all the way to the middle by pressing the button to the right to guide it.
  • Here is how to solve the boat puzzle: let the boat go all the way to the left and once it is in the leftmost part, press the button. As soon as it enters the central area, press the button again quickly and it will go to the center. Once it does, it will reveal a larger glass box with another ship.
  • Interact with the side of the box and place the Seahorse there. Drag it and strike the thingie to the right – they will light up and the boat’s cannons will shoot, breaking the glass. Zoom in on the larger boat and interact with its front part to open a door, the get in.
  • This is a difficult game you will have to solve yourself. The goal is to prevent the octopus from the middle to reach ANY of the red areas on the sides. You will have to try several times until you get it right and lock in the octopus. I did it by first placing a red dot exactly under the octopus, then as it moved up, one button away from the top one. From that moment on, it was easy to block it. Remember that the octopus will always take the shortest path to an open area.
  • After completing the puzzle, you will get a ship’s wheel. Get out and place it on the appropriate spot on the ship. Turn the wheel and take the prism. It’s back to the original room!
  • Go to the area with the Knight Armor and interact with the shield. Place the bear head in the middle and open the area in the armor then slide the gear to rotate the Knight around and reveal the painting.
  • On the pendulum to the left wall, use the hourglass. It will open a new area on the opposite wall, where you have to use the Owl figure. You will have to move the Owl up and down and move those handles so that they are aligned with the items revealed by the Owl. Pull the lever.
  • The new small table that is revealed – interact with it and pull the handle to the left, then place the prism on top, under the beam of light. This will let you collect the token from the painting.
  • Finally, get back to your starting point of the game, place the token in the middle and you’re on your way to chapter 2!

This would be all for the first chapter of the game! There are more challenges for us all – and if you get stuck, make sure to check out my walkthrough for Chapter 2, Nexus.

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Also, if you still have questions about any of the puzzles above, let me know and I will try to help if I can.

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