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THE GAME OF LIFE Vacations Game App

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THE GAME OF LIFE Vacations Game App for iPad iPhone Android

New out this week, THE GAME OF LIFE Vacations.

From Marmalade Game Studio.

A spin-off mobile game app of the family favorite Hasbro board game.

Now out for iPad and iPhone from the Apple App Store. And coming soon to the Play Store for Android devices too.

With this Game of Life game you can play in a number of game modes. Including offline and online multi-player!

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New Hasbro Game for iOS

From: Marmalade Game Studio | Genres/Game Modes: Classic, Board, Strategy, Kid-Friendly, Family, Local/Offline, Online, Multiplayer, Against AI Opponents | Apple App Store release: July 2019.


Description: Pack your bags and whisk away your family and friends on a magical adventure in THE GAME OF LIFE Vacations! Get ready to explore the first digital-only spin-off of the beloved Hasbro board game, completely ad-free for safe and family-friendly board game fun!

THE GAME OF LIFE Vacations Game App Download Play on iOS and Android
THE GAME OF LIFE Vacations Game App Download for iOS and Android

Game Play and Features

  • Explore the fiery lava streams and exotic beaches of Volcano Island. Build sand sculptures, go scuba diving, and compete with your family and friends. But be careful, avoid setbacks on your dream vacation.
  • Fill your scrapbook with unique souvenirs and stunning photos, the more memories you collect, the better your chances are of scoring big and winning vacation glory. Explore different routes on the island to complete your collection!
  • Pick your own unique peg and choose between the adventurous backpacker, the surfer family, the travelling sisters, and many more! Once you’re ready to roll, select your ride and dash around the island in a scooter, sports car, motorcycle or bus.
  • More exotic destinations are coming soon!
THE GAME OF LIFE Vacations Offline and Online Multiplayer
THE GAME OF LIFE Vacations with Offline and Online Multiplayer Modes

Play Game of Life Online/Offline Multi-Player

You can play this new Game of Life app in a number of ways:

  1. Offline Multiplayer: Vacation with your friends and family in pass and play, no WIFI needed! Perfect for those long journeys.
  2. Offline Single Player: Travel solo in single player mode.
  3. Private Online Multi-player: Invite your family and friends to play online in a safe private game.
  4. Online Multiplayer: Challenge up to 4 random players online.

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