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Sally’s Game Series from GameHouse

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Sally's Game Series List Order

This post details the Sally’s game series list in order.
From Gamehouse.

Time management games for Amazon Fire, Mac and PC. Including free demos to download.
And Collector’s Editions, where available.

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Sally’s Game Series List in Order

All of Sally’s games, listed in order of release.

From:, Kuuasema Ltd, RealArcade/GameHouse.
Genres: Time Management Games, Building, Tycoon, Strategy, Simulation.

Sally’s games in order of release: 1. Sally’s Salon | 2. Sallys Spa | 3. Sally’s Studio | 4. Beauty Secrets | 5. Kiss and Make-Up

1. Sally’s Salon

First released: 2007.

Description: Help Sally make her way from the humble beginnings of a stylist in her hometown shopping mall. To the super star status of a top beautician in glamorous Hollywood. As you grow and evolve your very own virtual beauty salon, you’ll meet a diverse group of emotional customers. From little old ladies to punk rockers, you’ll work with Sally to make the world a more beautiful place one customer at a time!

Sallys Game Series by GameHouse 1. Sallys Salon
Sally’s Game Series by GameHouse 1. Sally’s Salon

All of the Sallys games are available for Amazon Fire!

Play GameHouse Game Apps on Fire Tablet:
Amazon Fire (US) or Amazon Fire (UK).

2. Sallys Spa

Sally's Game Series 2. Sally's Spa
Sally’s Game Series
2. Sally’s Spa

First released: 2008.

Description: After a much needed break from life in the hair salon business, Sally and her friend Nell are teaming up to take the Spa world by storm.

Visit gorgeous Spa locations spread across the world, on a quest to melt away everyone’s stresses by relaxing in Sally’s Spa.

Perform all kinds of Spa services from Facials, Manicures, Bath Bombs, Hot Stones Massages and more in this fast-paced Time Management game!

3. Sally’s Studio

Sally's Game Series 3. Sally's Studio
Sally’s Game Series

First released: 2010.

Description: Travel the world helping people feel their best!

Warm up on the beach, find balance at a mountaintop retreat, unwind in a peaceful courtyard and lots more.

Along the way, meet a colorful collection of customers.

From Teachers and Tourists. To Ballroom Dancers and Olympic Athletes.

4. Beauty Secrets

First released: June 2017.

Description: Looking for a new hairdo? Want to get your nails done? Need some special make up? There’s no better place in Snuggford than Sally’s Salon! Everyone’s favorite beautician Sally is back and she’s on a mission to beautify women across the globe – all while searching for her long lost love! Ready to join her (and her new side-kick François) on this hilarious journey?

Sally's Game Series 4. Sally's Salon 2 for PC and Mac
Sally’s Game Series 4. Sally’s Salon 2 for PC and Mac

5. Kiss and Make-Up

Sally’s Game Series 5. Kiss & Make-Up
Sally’s Game Series
5. Kiss and Make-Up

First released: June 2018.

Description: Sally and François dive headlong into chaos and absurdity in a brand new spa!

Sally’s Salon: Kiss & Make-Up is a thrilling tale of passion, love, danger, intrigue, and of course: beauty salons.

It will keep you laughing from the moment you begin until you reach the end of this crazy roller coaster ride. In short, a time-management story game like no other!

Game Play includes: 60 hair-curling levels, 28 bonus challenge levels, 23 beauty-themed mini-games, 6 beautiful locations and Stunning graphics!

Play GameHouse Game Apps on Fire Tablet:
Amazon Fire (US) or Amazon Fire (UK).

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