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My Tribe Game for PC and Mac

My Tribe Big Fish Full PC Mac Game

My Tribe Game for PC and Mac.

With time management, simulation and strategy game play.

Including free and full version downloads.

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Top Time Management Game for PC and Mac

Title: My Tribe.
From: Grubby Games.
Genres: Adventure, Building, Time/Resource, Management, Strategy, Simulation.
Released: 2011.

My Tribe Game

Plot: Create a prosperous island paradise for your industrious, intelligent tribe with this real-time Brain Teaser! Your tribe will have a mind of its own, learning skills and starting families even when you`re not around, but check back often to keep your island idyllic. Uncover mysterious secrets; unlock exciting new technology; build wondrous structures, and even explore other exciting islands in My Tribe!

My Tribe Game for PC and Mac Download
My Tribe Game for PC and Mac Download

Game Play and Features

  • Billions of islands to explore
  • Create unique environments
  • Will your tribe prosper?
  • Free demo and full version download available for PC and Mac
Classic Time Management Game My Tribe by Big Fish Games
Classic Time Management Game My Tribe by Big Fish Games

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