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Incredible Dracula Series List for PC and Mac

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Incredible Dracula Series List - 3. Family Secret CE

In this Incredible Dracula series list.
I’ve included all of chapters. Listed in order of release.
This fun and quirky time management series. Is available for PC and Mac download.

From New Bridge and Alawar Games.
I’ve also included more top time management series for you to check out.

June 2021 Update: Incredible Dracula 9 new out on BigFish. See below for details.

Incredible Dracula Series List Order

From: New Bridge Games and Alawar Entertainment | Genres: Time Management Games, Strategy, Adventure | Collector’s Editions (CE) include extra content, more game play and bonus features.

Games in the Incredible Dracula series: 1. Chasing Love | 2. The Last Call | 3. Family Secret | 4. Game of Gods | 5. Vargosi Returns | 6. The Ice Kingdom | 7. Witches’ Curse | 8. Ocean’s Call | 9. Legacy of the Valkyries

1. Incredible Dracula: Chasing Love

Incredible Dracula Series List 1. Chasing Love
Incredible Dracula Series
List 1. Chasing Love

PC release: October 2015.

Description: It turns out even Dracula has an online dating profile. But when his princess turns out a bit different from her picture, Dracula is having second thoughts. He’s not ready for that kind of commitment, but she certainly is! Help Dracula escape the bonds of holy matrimony in 45 unique levels.

Featuring Dracula’s monster friends and the humans trying to capture him. Order your servants to clear obstacles, construct buildings. And negotiate with heroes to make a break for freedom, In this hilarious resource time management game! Will Dracula find true love, or will it find him first?

Incredible Dracula 1: Chasing Love CE Features: Dozens of challenging levels. Side-splitting storyline. Visually stunning fantasy world. Learn-as-you-play tutorial.

Play Incredible Dracula 1: Chasing Love available on US Amazon: PC Download.

2. Incredible Dracula: The Last Call

Incredible Dracula Series List 2. The Last Call
Incredible Dracula Series List 2. The Last Call

PC release: August 31, 2016.

Description: Guide Dracula on a madcap quest to find out who’s zombified the masses through their cell phones!

With dozens of thrilling levels. Ghoulish good visuals.

And a hilarious family friendly storyline.

Incredible Dracula II: The Last Call CE Features: Epic core adventure. Exciting bonus chapter. Tons of Collector’s Edition extras. Play-as-you-learn tutorial. Original soundtrack.

Play Incredible Dracula II: The Last Call available on US Amazon: PC Download.

3. Incredible Dracula: Family Secret

Incredible Dracula Series List - 3. Family Secret
Incredible Dracula Series List – 3. Family Secret

PC release: January 2017.

Description: Save Dracula from the unspeakable horror of pesky relatives in this thrilling new adventure! When a gaggle of Dracula’s distant kinsfolk shows up at his castle. Expecting a warm welcome from their cold-blooded host. He begrudgingly accommodates them. But when they won’t leave, his patience wears thin. To send them on their way and reclaim his former title as Lord of the Castle. He’ll have to capture the creature that demolished his family’s estates. And return their homes to pristine condition.

Incredible Dracula III: Family Secret CE Features: Thrilling main quest and bonus chapter. Colorful graphics and animation. Timed or relaxed gameplay. Simple point-and-click controls. Comprehensive tutorial and walkthrough.

This game is one of my Best Time Management Games of 2017 for PC and Mac!

4. Incredible Dracula: Game of Gods

Collector’s Edition release: January 2018.

Plot: Outsmart a god in a thrilling showdown of wits and enjoy a lot of laughs along the way! Featuring drop-dead gorgeous visuals, a story that will keep you in stitches and enough bonus materials to fill a good chunk of eternity, Incredible Dracula IV: Game of Gods will take you on a journey you’ll never forget!

Incredible Dracula IV Game of Gods from Alawar Games
Incredible Dracula IV Game of Gods from Alawar Games

See also: Incredible Dracula IV: Game of Gods Time Management Game.

5. Incredible Dracula: Vargosi Returns

Released: September 2018.

Plot: When Dracula’s old nemesis, Count Vargosi, escapes captivity, he has one thing on his mind: reaching the Moon Well, a magical place where he can become invincible! Normally, Dracula would try to stop Vargosi on his own, but he’s away when the news breaks, so it’s up to his wife, Elizabeth, to search for the villain. With the countess in charge, Rufus, Vladdy and the rest of the gang must stay hot on Vargosi’s trail as they complete challenging missions packed with exciting quests, unique obstacles and zany characters!

6. The Ice Kingdom

PC release: January 2019.

Plot: Join Dracula on his most “chilling” adventure yet as he tries to stop the Ice Queen from turning the world into a giant snowball! Using your time-management skills you’ll gather resources to complete quests for magical creatures, rebuild frozen settlements and race against the clock to earn bonuses and awards! It’s the most fun you can have at subzero temperatures!

7. Witches’ Curse

PC release: October 2019.

Plot: Dracula has his undead hands full in this all-new adventure that pits him against a truculent trio of aging witches who will stop at nothing to restore their youth. If the old hags succeed, they will have emptied the world of magic forever! Has Dracula met his match or can he save the day? The fate of all magic is in your hands!

8. Ocean’s Call

PC release: March 2020.

Plot: A giant creature of unknown origin has broken free of its icy prison and sparked chaos around the world! Only the infamous Count Dracula stands between the creature and what seems to be the imminent destruction of the world. Join Dracula as he embarks on an extraordinary quest unlike any he has experienced!

9. Legacy of the Valkries

PC release: June 2021.

Plot: A giant of mythic proportions stands between Dracula and the fabled riches of the Valkyries, but the cantankerous count won’t let that stop him from gathering his undead cronies for a journey through fantastical lands and pit them against fierce creatures of legend to claim their prize!

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