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Highrise Heroes – Best Bookworm Alternative for Mobile

Mobile Games Like Bookworm - Highrise HeroesFor a cool alternative to play games like Bookworm on your mobile.
This adventure word game.
Has a similar fast-paced wordplay.
As PopCap’s popular Bookworm word game.
Plus added mystery, a bunch of quirky characters, strategy and monkeys!
Available for iPad, iPhone, Fire and Android.

I’ve included links to my PopCap’s Bookworm posts. As well as info of this cool game app alternative.

Mobile Games Like Bookworm

Title: Highrise Heroes – The Towering Word Game.
Developer: Fallen Tree Games Ltd.
Publisher: Noodlecake Studios Inc.
Genres: Puzzle, Brain-Teaser, Strategy, Word, Adventure.
iOS release: December 2014.
Amazon Fire release: March 2015.

Highrise Word Heroes

Description: The towering word-game that fits in your pocket! Following a sudden earthquake, Seb must escape a crumbling skyscaper. Along the way he will make some intriguing new friends, and together they might just unravel the sinister origins of the ‘quake, assuming they can evade the mysterious stalker in close pursuit…

Mobile Game Apps Like Bookworm - Highrise Heroes

Mobile Game Apps Like Bookworm – Highrise Heroes

Highrise Word Heroes – Game Play

Play as Seb, working your way down from the top of the tower. With over 90 levels to wordplay your way through to escape the crumbling skyscraper.

With each level, you’re tasked with creating words on a grid of letters. The grid will include obstacles as well as special tiles. Link up adjacent letter tiles, to make words. Successful words will be cleared from the board. Helping you to clear a path, for Seb and his crew to get to the bottom of the grid. And escape to the next level.

“Strategy is the key to success!”

Create longer words and you’ll be rewarded with special tiles. For example, stringing a seven letter word together, will get you a gold tile. A very explosive tile which you can use to blast away obstacles.

But with each level, the difficulty increases. As more obstacles, as well as more characters joining the grid. Adding to the challenge and urgency of escaping the quaking building!

Each of your motley crew will have a special ability. Which you can use to your advantage to help you get through the levels.

Low oxygen is also an increasing problem as you play through the levels. This can be refilled by making words through the characters’ tiles.

Mobile Game Apps Like Bookworm - Highrise Heroes for iPad iPhone Fire Android

Mobile Game Apps Like Bookworm – Highrise Heroes for iPad iPhone Fire Android

Highrise Word Heroes – Review

In this game app, the word-play element is basically similar to many word games. Games like Bookworm Adventures, Boggle and Letter Quest. But with the addition of an underlying plot, quirky characters and increasingly tough obstacles. As well as having a mystery to solve (of why the quake happened in the first place). Getting as many of your party out of each level. And additional side-quests. All add up to making this a fast, fun and unique mobile word game!

Mobile Game Apps Like Bookworm Adventures - Highrise Heroes

Mobile Game Apps Like Bookworm Adventures – Highrise Heroes

Play Highrise Heroes for Fire Tablet

Available on Amazon for: Fire Tablet (US) or Fire Tablet (UK).

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