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Best Time Management Games to Play This Year on PC & Mobile

  • Vee R 
Best Time Management Games to Play This Year

Even though not as popular as they used to be, time management games are still fun to play today, usually offering a relaxing experience with little challenge.

I was surprised to see that, searching for the “best time management” games on Google today, I ended up with in-depth, strategy, simulation and management games like Football Manager and such. This is not what time management means!

Today I am here to right the wrongs by sharing actual time management casual games that you can play on PC and mobile, but some are also available on consoles. I love playing them all and I am sure you will too!

Best Time Management Games to Play in 2024

Let’s not waste a single second and instead let’s check out the best casual time management games to play this year (including older, but still extremely fun releases).

1. Fabulous – New York to LA

Fabulous New York to LA

The latest game in the Fabulous Angela series, this one is a traditional casual time management game where you have to run a shop and complete tasks – unlike the other half of the games recommended here which are more strategic.

Angela is ready to chase her dream to become a recognized and respected worldwide fashion icon.

When Hollywood star Kelly Harper asks Angela to design her dress for an awards show, it appears to be exactly the chance Angela was looking for!

She moves to LA and starts earning a reputation as THE fashion designer in Hollywood.

If you like this game, make sure to check out my previous article detailing all the games in the Fabulous Angela series.

2. Roads of Rome – Portals 3

Roads of Rome - Portals

In Roads of Rome – Portals Collector’s Edition, the Romans face their most treacherous challenge yet!

The evil magician Armagon has been brought back from the void and now it’s up to the valiant warriors to defeat him once and for all.

Manage time and resources, explore mystical realms linked by ancient portals, and prepare for the final battle in Roads of Rome – Portals 3 Collector’s Edition!

There are a few more games in this series, so if you like this one, make sure to also take a look at all the

3. Tavern Master

Tavern Master

This is a bit more complex, with additional mechanics added to your casual time management genre, but a REALLY good game that I am sure you will love playing. I fell in love with it instantly!

Tavern Master is all about managing your medieval tavern. You start with a very small room, couple of benches and tables and build your way up to a huge successful tavern with a kitchen, rooms for guests, group of loyal staff and much more!

4. Welcome to Primrose Lake 5

Welcome to Primrose Lake 5

Highly anticipated sequel. Probably the best game in the series so far – at least I like it the most.

Welcome to Primrose Lake 5 presents the final chapter of this riveting series!

As the snow melts, the long-guarded secret of the Carlyle family is finally revealed! As the story unfolds, the whole town bands together to save Jessica from David McGovern while chaos surrounds Jenny and Matt’s wedding.

Guide the heroines and ensure a happy ending in this epic finale! And if you haven’t played the rest of the titles, check out my previous article listing all the Welcome to Primrose Lake games in order.

5. Delicious: Cooking and Romance

Delicious cooking and Romance

Exciting news hits the small town of Snuggford when Hollywood movie producers select the town as the setting for their upcoming romantic comedy.

While Emily’s loved ones cheer, uncertainty lingers about whether everything will go according to plan.

Help Emily “flip the script” as she guides Snuggford’s residents through the unpredictable show business world, braving the ups and downs that come with it.

With her unwavering determination and hard work, Emily aims to make the movie a hit and put Snuggford on the map.

All the games in this series are amazing (and there are over 20 you can play), so if you want to learn more, check out my article listing all the Delicious games in order.

6. News Tower

News Tower Game Screenshot

Live the life of an aspiring influential publisher in New York City during the 1930s.
Define your editorial line and search the globe for the newsworthy stories of the decade.
The Prohibition, the Great Depression, or a lost cat…

But watch out! The mafia, mayor, and other factions will be more than happy to use your influence in New York City to print their own “truth”.

Another recommendation that goes away from the classic approach a bit, but one that you will surely enjoy. It will get you hooked instantly!

7. Fate of the Pharaoh

Fate of the Pharaoh Game Screenshot

Return to the golden realm of ancient Egypt in this fun and entertaining time management strategy game by Cateia Games.

Become the loyal Pharaoh’s adviser and help him to restore peace and prosperity in the golden cities of Egypt.

Construct houses re-establish production, collect taxes and gather materials, set up production and trade, and fight crocodiles and wicked cobras. Restore Egypt to its days of glory!

8. Good Pizza, Great Pizza

Good Pizza Great Pizza

Ever wanted to know what it feels like to run your own cozy Pizza shop? Now you have the chance to do so and let me tell you that it’s going to be really fun!

Do your best as a chef to fulfill pizza orders from customers and make enough money to keep your restaurant open.

Advance the storyline and upgrade your restaurant with new toppings, decor and kitchen equipment to compete against your pizza rivals in each chapter!

9. Fables of the Kingdom V

Fables of the Kingdom V

Having defeated the sinister mirror, Kevin and his friends return home. The future seems idyllic… But all is not as it seems! The heroes soon discover that they’d crossed over into the mirror world without noticing.

Can you step up once again to help the brave heroes defeat ancient evil, end its power, and find true freedom?

10. Farming Fever 2

Farming Fever 2

Immerse yourself in the dual role of farmer and chef as you master the art of managing your farm and tending to crops and livestock, all while creating mouth-watering dishes to satisfy your customers!

Follow the story through various unique locations, each with its own challenges and opportunities. And if you want to try out even more farming games, our friends over at Common Sense Gamer have a great list to share.

More top games to check out

The dwindling popularity of classic time management games is disheartening, also meaning that there are fewer and fewer great new games released in this genre.

But we have plenty of other options, including games for those oriented towards a more casual experience. Check out my previous articles for inspiration:

Also, check out my latest Time Management Games posts to find out about new releases and top games in the genre.

If you have other great time management games in mind – and you can’t see them on the list above, let me know by commenting below. I’m always looking towards playing (or replaying) amazing time management casual games.

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