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Bonfire Stories Game Series Listed in Order

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Bonfire Stories 2 Heartless from Mariaglorum

This post details the Bonfire Stories game series from Mariaglorum. Available for PC and Mac download including free demos and Collector’s Editions (which include bonus content, more game play and extra features). Listed in order of release.

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February 2020 Update: Bonfire Stories 3 now out for PC and Mac.

Bonfire Stories Game Series List

From: Mariaglorum | Genres: Detective, Mystery, Hidden Object, Puzzle.

Games in the Bonfire Stories series: 1. The Faceless Gravedigger | 2. Heartless | 3. Manifest Horror

1. The Faceless Gravedigger

Released: May 2017.

Plot: The Quiet Grove resort has been abandoned for years. After a series of guests mysteriously disappeared. Rumors blamed a terrifying figure called the faceless gravedigger. With no bodies or suspects, the case went cold. And the events faded into legend. But when you and your partner arrive to dig up a news story. You quickly find out that those tall tales were all true! Now the faceless gravedigger is on your trail. And if you can’t escape, you’ll become the latest chapter in this horrific legend…

Bonfire Stories 1 CE Review from Mariaglorum for PC and Mac
Bonfire Stories 1 CE Review from Mariaglorum for PC and Mac

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2. Heartless

Released: September 2018.

Plot: You were only a child when a red mist appeared in the woods and your father was murdered. What started as a quest for answers has since become an obsession. For the last five years, you’ve returned to the same campsite where your father died in the hopes of finding answers. Now, the mist has returned and another camper has been taken. Can you solve the mystery and save them before they meet the same grisly fate as your father?

For more details, see my post: Bonfire Stories 2: Heartless Review.

3. Manifest Horror

Released: February 2020.

Plot: Alan’s letter sounded desperate, but Caroline found something far worse than she expected when she came back to town to help him. Now, with Alan missing, a foreboding fog blanketing the city, and past secrets piling up, Caroline must use her wits to stay ahead of the terrible evil lurking inside the fog. If you love Hidden-Object scenes, this is the game for you! You’ll need eagle eyes to search through dozens of stunning scenes to help Caroline find the truth about the monster in the mist and to survive long enough to learn how to stop it in this horrifying, unique new Hidden-Object game!

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