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Lost Lands 2: The Four Horsemen by FiveBN

Best New Hidden Object Mystery Games from 5bn January 2015

Lost Lands 2: The Four Horsemen.
A new atmospheric mystery game.
From top developers, Five-BN UK. With quality hidden object games. Challenging puzzles to solve. And beautifully illustrated.

For the full Lost Lands series list. See my post, included below.

Update August 2015: Lost Lands 2 is now also on mobiles. See below for details.

Top New Hidden Object Mystery Games 2015

Title: Lost Lands: The Four Horsemen.
From: Five-BN Ltd.
PC release: January 2015.
Genres: Hidden Object, Puzzle, Adventure, Mystery Games.

Lost Lands 2: The Four Horsemen

Description: After several centuries of peace, a terrible new evil threatens the Lost Lands! Rumors are spreading of four mysterious horsemen cutting a path of terror throughout the land. They burn villages, freeze the water, and bring darkness wherever they go. The horsemen are after a key that will allow them to control parallel worlds, and they’ll stop at nothing to get it. As the champion of the Lost Lands, you’re the only one brave enough to face them… but can you track them down and stop them in time?

Best New Hidden Object Mystery Games from 5BN - Lost Lands 2
Best New Hidden Object Mystery Games from 5BN – Lost Lands 2

The Collector’s Edition includes:
Explore the mystery adventure story from a new angle in the bonus game.
Collect morphing hidden objects, trophies and bonus puzzles.
Wallpapers, concept art, soundtracks, and more!
A comprehensive Strategy Guide for Lost Lands 2 is included.

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Play Lost Lands 2: The Four Horsemen

Available from Amazon for: Fire Tablet (US) or Fire Tablet (UK).

This is the 2nd part in the series. See also: Lost Lands Game Series for Computer & Mobile.

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