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Lost Lands 6: Mistakes of the Past – Review

Review of Lost Lands 6 Mistakes of the Past by Alawar Five-BN

Review of Lost Lands 6: Mistakes of the Past.

Another top chapter in the brilliant hidden object adventure series!

By Alawar Five-BN. For mobile, PC and Mac download.

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New Lost Lands Game

Title: Lost Lands: Mistakes of the Past.
From: Alawar Games and Five-BN.
Genres: Mystery Adventure, Hidden Object, Puzzle.
Collector’s Edition release: July 2018. This includes bonus content, more game play and extra features.

Lost Lands 6: Mistakes of the Past

Plot: Many people regret the mistakes of their past, but how many people get a chance to go back and change them? The dark sorceress Cassandra has broken free after centuries of imprisonment, killing all who oppose her in the Lost Lands. To stop her, you’ll have to travel back to the past to unravel Cassandra’s secrets. But be careful, even small changes can cause time paradoxes and may have far-reaching consequences!

Review of Lost Lands 6 Mistakes of the Past by Alawar Five-BN
Review of Lost Lands 6 Mistakes of the Past by Alawar Five-BN

Collector’s Edition Features

  • Learn more about the back story in the bonus chapter.
  • Lots of collectibles and morphing objects to find!
  • Earn achievements and play bonus puzzles!
  • Enjoy exclusive wallpapers, concept art, music and more!
  • Never get lost with the strategy guide!

Lost Lands 6 features a compelling storyline, excellent graphics, well-voiced characters and a fast-paced action adventure.

The game play in this HOPA mainly focuses on puzzle-solving, adventure and collectibles. And less on the hidden object side. There are a good variety of puzzles, that ranging in difficulty. Though they mostly tend towards the easy level. And the hidden object games are interactive, mainly silhouette lists.

As with the previous chapters in this Lost Lands series, there are plenty of collectibles to seek out throughout the adventure. Including 30 morphing objects, 8 arachnoid figurines, 12 roses, 9 Lost Lands manuscripts and more!

Overall, an engaging fast-moving story with some good plot twists. Visually stunning and well-designed. Plenty of good puzzle-solving. And lots of collectibles to find. This installment definitely maintains the high standard of the popular Lost Lands series.

Play Lost Lands 6: Mistakes of the Past
Available from Amazon for: Fire Tablet (US) or Fire Tablet (UK).

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