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Adventure Escape Games by Haiku, Listed in Order

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Adventure Escape Game Apps List

This post includes details of the Adventure Escape game apps. With all of Haiku’s games listed in date order and updated with new releases. Including Detective Kate Grey games, listed in order. These free full point-and-click adventure games. Will test your puzzle-solving skills!

Each AE game is split up into chapters to explore, solve, unlock and complete. If you need more stars i.e. hints. You can get these with in-app purchases. Or by adding Facebook friends. But keep an eye out as you’ll find lots of stars hidden throughout the games. Plus each time you complete a chapter you receive free stars – usually 5 stars. You can then use these stars to reveal hints – when you need help with a puzzle. All of these games can be played offline. Available on iPad, iPhone, Android and Amazon Fire.

October 2021 Update: Adventure Escape Mysteries new game released, see below for details.

Adventure Escape Game Apps List

From: Haiku Games | Genres: Puzzle Games, Adventure Games, Point & Click.

Haiku Adventure Escape Games List Order and Release Dates: 1. The Pyramids of Giza | 2. The Scottish Castle | 3. Murder Manor | 4. Time Library | 5. Asylum | 6. Cult Mystery | 7. Space Crisis | 8. Framed for Murder | 9. Midnight Carnival | 10. Christmas Killer | 11. Hidden Ruins | 12. Starstruck | 13. Murder Inn (Murder Manor 2) | 14. Allied Spies | 15. Haunted Hunt | 16. Dark Ruins | 17. Adventure Escape Mysteries

The Adventure Escape games all involve point-n-click adventure game play. With nicely challenging puzzles to solve. Unlock areas by solving puzzles and playing mini-games. And move through each ‘room’. Until you can escape the game!

Cursed Dollhouse 3D Escape Room

Cursed Dollhouse 3D Escape Room

From: Think Fun | Number of Players: 1 to 4 | Age rating: 13+.

The Cursed Dollhouse from Think Fun. Their most immersive escape room game ever! This is an escape room experience in a box! Build a creepy 3-story dollhouse to escape from, complete with five rooms, 3D furniture, and variety of creepy dolls!

For more details, see my blog post: The Cursed Dollhouse – 3D Immersive Escape Game.

1. The Pyramids of Giza

Released: March 2014 – but no longer available.

Plot: You awake to find yourself trapped in the Pyramids of Giza! Can you use your skills of observation and cunning to escape?

2. The Scottish Castle

Adventure Escape Game 2. The Scottish Castle

Released: August 2014 – also no longer available.

Plot: It’s 1541 in Scotland and brilliant Iona must team up with her bumbling suitor Finley.

When she is suddenly trapped in a mysterious castle. Can you use your skills of observation and cunning to help her escape. [Source: Amazon]

3. Murder Manor

Adventure Escape Game 3. Murder Manor
Murder Manor

Released: December 2014 | Genre: Murder Mystery | Kate Gray Game #1.

Plot: Invited to a dinner party at the famous Wickham Manor when her car breaks down outside. Detective Kate Grey is shocked that a murder occurs before even dessert is served.

Join hundreds of thousands of happy Adventure Escape players. And see if you can escape Murder Manor! [Source: Amazon]

4. Adventure Escape: Time Library

Haiku Games 4. Time Library
Time Library

Released: June 2015 | Genre: Adventure.

Plot: Bored out of her mind in snowy Littleton, Alice decides to go to the library to restock on some books. She meets Hiro, a self-styled “internet personality”.

And together the two become unwilling partners in a time-travelling adventure that has consequences far beyond what they imagined. [Source: Amazon]

For more details of this game. See also: Adventure Escape: Time Library Review.

5. Adventure Escape: Asylum

Adventure Escape Game 5. Asylum
Adventure Escape Game Apps
5. Asylum

Released: October 2015 | Genre: Horror.

Plot: Anna wakes up one day in an asylum with hazy memories of her past… Soon, it’s clear that something has gone very, very wrong at the Byers Institute.

In fact, there is a killer on the loose! As Anna tries to escape, a mysterious girl begins to appear with helpful warnings. Is the girl a figment of Anna’s delusions?

Or is there more to Anna’s past than she knows? [Source: Amazon]

6. Adventure Escape: Cult Mystery

Adventure Escape Game 6. Cult Mystery

Released: December 2015 | Genre: Murder Mystery | Kate Gray Game #2.

Plot: Go undercover and investigate a mysterious cult to save your friend!

Detective Kate Gray’s best friend Melissa, has gone missing after her “too good to be true” date. Kate investigates only to discover that Melissa has disappeared into a mysterious cult.

Use your wits to solve puzzles and break into the cult. Meet other cult members and decide who is friend or foe. Go undercover to investigate the shadowy past of the cult and escape with Melissa. [Source: Amazon]

Top New Crime Comedy on Apple TV Bad Sisters
*Top New Crime Comedy on Apple TV – Bad Sisters

7. Space Crisis

Haiku Games 7. Space Crisis
Adventure Escape Game Apps
7. Space Crisis

Released: April 2016 | Genre: Adventure.

Plot: Disaster strikes on a routine space mission! Can you escape and return to Earth?

Commander Morgan is in charge of delivering supplies to the Alliance space station. She arrives and discovers no one on the station is responding to her calls. Can you solve the mystery of the missing crew?

Investigate the space station, search for survivors, and complete puzzles in order to return home! [Source: Amazon]

For more details of this game. See also: Adventure Escape: A Sci-Fi Adventure Review.

8. Framed for Murder

Adventure Escape Game Apps - 8. Framed for Murder
Adventure Escape Game 8

Released: September 2016 | Genre: Murder Mystery | Kate Gray Game #3.

Plot: Detective Kate Gray’s mentor, former Police Chief Sylvia, finds the dead body of a college student in her office.

Kate’s investigation uncovers suspicious activity on campus.

Could the gang problems, drug deals, and vandalism be related? [Source: Amazon]

For more details of this game. See also: Adventure Escape: Framed for Murder Review.

9. Adventure Escape: Midnight Carnival

Haiku Game Apps 9. Midnight Carnival
Adventure Escape
Game Apps
9. Midnight Carnival

Released: October 2016 | Genre: Horror.

Plot: You are Maya – a witch with magical powers investigating the mysterious Midnight Carnival on All Hallow’s Eye. You’ve barely arrived when you witness the kidnapping of Emily – a young girl in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Her uncle Jack needs your help to save her. But almost immediately your investigation leads to danger. Could her kidnapping have been a trap to lure you deeper in the carnival?

Why do illusions and magical spells appear at every corner? Follow the trail to rescue her and put evil spirits to rest in Adventure Escape: Midnight Carnival! [Source: Amazon]

For more details of this game. See also: Adventure Escape: Midnight Carnival Review.

10. Adventure Escape: Christmas Killer

Adventure Escape Game Apps - 10. Christmas Killer
Adventure Escape Game Apps
10. Christmas Killer

Released: December 2016 | Genre: Murder Mystery | Kate Gray Game #4.

Plot: Detective Kate Gray is back in a new holiday murder mystery!

A homicide victim is found downtown holding a familiar calling card – a snow globe.

Kate realizes she is on the trail of the notoriously dangerous serial murderer, “The Christmas Killer.”

Will the killer strike again in seven days? Or can Kate and her team solve this mystery in time for the holidays? Put your wits to the test now in Adventure Escape: The Christmas Killer! [Source: Amazon]

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Do you love BBC Radio mystery dramas and plays?

Check out the full cast dramatisations of Simon Brett’s popular mystery series! Starring Bill Nighy as the actor/amateur detective. Available for free on audiobook.

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11. Hidden Ruins

Released: April 2017 | Genre: Adventure.

Plot: Professor Burns is on the brink of the archaeological breakthrough of a lifetime – discovering the mysterious Kumari civilization which is rumored to have the key to eternal life. His plans are foiled when Larissa, an unscrupulous rival archaeologist, forces her way onto the scene with the help of her armed guards. Will you be able to stop Larissa before she takes the treasures of the Kumari civilization for herself? Team up with a curious cast of characters including Rachel, the daughter of the billionaire who funded the expedition, Tawa, a trusty local guide, and Peter, a tech genius with an unnatural love of drones. [Source: Amazon]

Hidden Ruins Review
Adventure Escape 11. Hidden Ruins Review

For more details of this game. See also: Adventure Escape: Hidden Ruins Review.

12. Adventure Escape: Starstruck

Haiku Game Apps 12. Starstruck
Adventure Escape Game Apps
12. Starstruck

Released: October 2017 | Genre: Murder Mystery | Kate Gray Game #5.

Plot: Search the city to solve the strange mystery of a missing celebrity!

A famous actress goes on a simple errand to pick up a new pet, and she never returns.

When her trusty personal assistant turns up dead in the park, the case gets stranger and stranger. Detective Kate Gray must search the city high and low to find her.

Investigate a movie set, a celebrity mansion, a creepy warehouse, the city park, and more! Meet a curious cast of characters along the way. Including an eccentric hip hop singer and his pet tiger. An angry yoga instructor! The town drunk. And a wildlife smuggler. [Source: Amazon]

13. Murder Inn (Murder Manor 2)

Adventure Escape Game 13. Murder Inn
Adventure Escape Game 13. Murder Inn

Released: December 2017 | Genre: Murder Mystery | Kate Gray Game #6.

Plot: Search a snowy winter lodge to solve the dark mystery of a murder among friends!

College friends reunite at a remote mountain lodge where mysteries and secrets run deep.

Last year, one friend died in a tragic skiing accident. This year, another friend is murdered in her guest room. Everyone claims their innocence, but someone is lying.

Detective Kate Gray must search the inn and interrogate suspects to gather clues and find the culprit! [Source: Amazon]

14. Allied Spies

Adventure Escape Game 14. Allied Spies
Adventure Escape Game 14. Allied Spies

Released: December 2017 | Genre: Adventure.

Plot: Escape Occupied France, catch a traitor, and stop a Nazi mega-weapon!

Newlyweds Ed and Marie Hamilton parachute into Occupied France on a mission to smuggle two scientists out of Europe.

They meet the French Resistance but things quickly go wrong as ruthless Major Kressler smashes their network. Who’s the traitor? Where are the scientists? What mega-weapon is Major Kressler preparing? Will Ed and Marie ever get a night alone? [Source: Amazon]

For more details of this game. See also: Adventure Escape 14: Allied Spies – Review.

15. Adventure Escape: Haunted Hunt

Haiku Game List 15. Haunted Hunt
Haiku Game List 15. Haunted Hunt

Released: May 2018| Genre: Horror.

Plot: Escape the mansion and shape shift into fantastic animals! On the eve of a grand party, Otto the supernatural hunter reveals his newest catch to his guests: Moira the shape shifter.

Moira must use her supernatural talents to shape shift into different animals to escape the hunter’s clutches! Explore a séance room, armory, secret vault, and other spooky locations to learn the house’s tragic history! Meet other supernaturals along the way, including a lovable supernatural pup and a ghost out for revenge. [Source: Amazon]

For more details of this game. See also: Adventure Escape 15: Haunted Hunt.

16. Adventure Escape: Dark Ruins

Adventure Escape Game List 16. Dark Ruins
Haiku Game List 16. Dark Ruins

Released: September 2018 | Genre: Adventure.

Plot: Escape a ruined city and stop a hurricane that threatens the world! A team of archaeologists crash-land in the jungle and rediscover a forgotten, cursed city.

They’re quickly swept into a 500-year-old mystery that threatens to flood the world again.

Can our heroes outlast the night and save the world? Will they go mad when science and magic collide? What — or who — must they sacrifice to survive? [Source: Amazon]

For more details of this game. See also: Adventure Escape 16: Dark Ruins.

17. Adventure Escape Mysteries

First released: December 2018.
Adventure Escape Mysteries, the 17th release in the series. Regularly updated with new chapters/mystery games.

For more details and latest updates, see my post: AE Mysteries New Releases from Haiku Games. Including more Detective Kate Grey games.

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*Top New Crime Comedy on Apple TV – Bad Sisters

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