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Dreampath Game Series from Boolat

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Dreampath Game Series List 3. Guardian of the Forest

This Dreampath game series.
Includes the Collector’s Editions.
In this hidden object puzzle adventure series.

From Boolat Games. For PC, Mac and iPad. Free demos available.
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November 2017 Update: Dreampath 3 new out. See below for details.

Dreampath Game Series

All of the games in the Dreampath game series. Available for PC, Mac and iPad. With Collector’s Editions (CE) – which include extra game play and bonus content!

From: Boolat Games.
Genres: Mystery Games, Hidden Object, Puzzle.

1. Dreampath: The Two Kingdoms

Dreampath Game Series List 1. The Two Kingdoms
Dreampath Game Series List
1. The Two Kingdoms

PC release: June 2014.
iOS release: January 2016.

Plot: The doctors have failed. Now your sister, the Queen, lies on her deathbed – you are her last hope!

Rumor has it that a mystical cure exists in the faraway kingdom of Goldthorne… but no one dares to go there since the last king mysteriously vanished. Do you have the courage to face the unknown and save your sister?

Find out as you soar high into a world of floating islands, talking cats, and magical dragons. But beware – sinister forces are watching you from the shadows…

2. Dreampath: Curse of the Swamps

PC release: June 2016.
iOS release: January 2017.

Plot: A mystical rain is turning everyone into frogs! As part of the royal family, you can fend off the illness, but for how long? It’s up to you to find the cause of this wicked weather and save your loved ones. Can you discover the cure before it’s too late?

Dreampath Game Series List 2. Curse of the Swamps for PC Mac iPad
Dreampath Game Series List 2. Curse of the Swamps for PC, Mac, iPad

3. Dreampath: Guardian of the Forest

PC release: November 2017.

Plot: It’s time to train with Wizard Regis. Your lessons are cut short when your mentor is accused of trying to murder the King! It’s up to you to find out who’s really behind the attack. With dark magic at work, it won’t be an easy task. Do you have what it takes to save your teacher and the kingdom?!

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