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Argonauts Agency Game Series

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Argonauts Agency Games Listed in Order

This post details the Argonauts Agency games, listed in order of release.

Including the latest and upcoming games in this series. By developer, Workroom7.

With time management, building, strategy and simulation game play.

Available for PC and Mac download, including free demos.

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October 2019 Update: Argonauts Agency 5 now out for computer. See below for details.

Argonauts Agency Games in Order

From: Workroom7.
Genres: Strategy, Simulation, Time Management, Building Games.

1. Golden Fleece

Released: October 2018.

Plot: Jason, the head of the Argonauts Agency, has been contacted by an ancient artifact collector. It turns out that just this morning the Golden Fleece was stolen from his storeroom and his niece is missing as well! Without wasting any time, the Argonauts Agency is on the case. Head the investigation team and help the Argonauts crack the case of the missing Golden Fleece!

2. Pandora’s Box

Released: January 2019.

Plot: One clear sunny morning the peace at the Argonauts Agency was disrupted by the surprise visit of Medea’s Uncle Pelias the artifact Collector. He had accidentally opened up Pandora’s Box in his store room unleashing a cataclysm above his home! Even Pelias himself was being followed by all the trouble and disaster of the world. Join the Argonauts and help them close Pandora’s Box in this exciting time-management adventure!

3. Chair of Hephaestus

Released: May 2019.

Plot: Morning time in the Argonauts Agency passed by like any other. But suddenly, a courier burst in and demanded the team go at once to famous artifact collector Pelias’ manor. When they arrive, they see Pelias is in trouble. Someone secretly delivered a chair to his house, and when Pelias sat down for a rest, shackles burst out and chained him down. How is the team ever going to free him? Join the Argonaut team, free Pelias from the trap and crack the case of Hephaestus’ chair!

4. Glove of Midas

Released: August 2019.

Plot: Pelias, the collector, asked his old friends Jason and Medea to bring him the legendary glove of Midas. Rumor has it that it bestows magical powers on the wearer. Upon receiving the glove, Pelias decides a little upgrade wouldn’t hurt anything. What could possibly go wrong? Join the Argonauts and help Pelias undo his blunder!

Argonauts Agency Games 4. Glove of Midas
Argonauts Agency Games 4. Glove of Midas

5. Captive of Circe

Released: October 2019.

Plot: One quiet morning, a courier appeared at the threshold of the Argonauts Agency. He brought a wedding invitation for Jason and Medea from their old friend, the collector Pelias. Hidden in the letter was a secret request for help. Jason and Medea can’t leave their friend in trouble! Join the Argonauts, learn the story of Circe and free her prisoners!

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