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Tricky Doors Free-to-Play Escape Game App

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Tricky Doors Free-to-Play Escape Game for Android and iOS

Tricky Doors from Five-BN. A Free-to-Play point-and-click, escape game on appstores.

For Android, iPhone and iPad.

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Tricky Doors

From: Five-BN | Released: Dec’ 2021 | Genres: Escape, Point-and-Click, Adventure, Puzzle, Hidden Object.


Free to Play Escape Game

Description: Captivating game that offers a variety of puzzles. Find a creative way to get out of each room. Tricky doors is a point-and-click game in the “escape the room” genre with plenty of mini-games and complicated quests. [Source: Google Play]

Tricky Doors by Five-BN Free point-and-click escape game
Tricky Doors by Five-BN Free Point-and-Click Escape Game

Game Play and Features

Behind each door, you will find hostile and friendly worlds, as well as familiar and exotic landscapes. Your task is always the same – you need to leave the place through a portal to move forward.

Tricky Doors by Five-BN Free Full Escape Game
Tricky Doors by Five-BN Free Full Escape Game
  • Solve puzzles and find hidden objects.
  • Fantastic locations and beautiful graphics.
  • Unique escape stories.
  • Exciting search for hidden objects.
  • Challenging mini-games.
  • Available for free on Google Play and Apple Appstore.

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