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Her Story – Detective Game App Review

  • Vee R 

Her Story by Sam BarlowHer Story by Sam Barlow, creator of Silent Hill Shattered Memories.

Released on iTunes a year ago.

Has just out been released on Google Play for Android. Update: now also available on Amazon Fire.

This is a unique, realistic police investigation game.

Where you’ll need to piece together full motion video clips. To unravel the truth behind Her Story!

Top New Detective Game App for Android

From: Sam Barlow.
iOS release: June 2015.
Android release: June 2016.
Genres: Detective, Story-Driven, FMV, Interactive.
PEGI rating: 16+.
Current US iTunes rating: 4.0 out of 5 from 302 player reviews.

Her Story

Description: Unlike anything you’ve played before, Her Story is an involving and moving experience. One that asks you to listen.

Her Story - Game Play & ReviewHer Story - Game Play & Review
Her Story – Game Play & Review
Her Story – Game Play
  • In 1994, a British woman was interviewed about her missing husband.
  • You are now tasked with solving this unsolved case. Using just your detective skills and an old computer with a corrupted database.
  • And because the database has been damaged, you’ll need to sift through hundreds of video clips. To reassemble the interviews back to their original versions.
  • Explore the database with the right search terms. And watch the relevant clips to piece together her story.
  • Use the clues you have uncovered so far. To work out the best searches, to help you uncover more revealing clips.
Her Story – Review

Her Story is an immersive police investigation game. With it’s use of video interview clips to tell the narrative. You get a more realistic crime-solving feel than the usual detective games.

And as there is minimal guidance or hints given. You’ll need to use your own initiative to do the right searches. To uncover more useful clips in the database. This makes this game more interactive and challenging.

Her Story’s unique game play gives a more real-world and interesting experience, that crime-solving fans will enjoy.

Her Story - Top Detective Game App for iOS & Android
Her Story – Top Detective Game App for iOS & Android
Play Her Story

Available on Amazon for: Fire Tablet (US) or Fire Tablet (UK).

Update 2019: Telling Lies – Investigation Game also by Sam Barlow.

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