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Sherlock Holmes 12: The Devil’s Daughter – Review

  • Vee R 

New Sherlock Holmes Video Game by Frogwares, Gameplay & Review
New Sherlock Holmes Game – June 2016
This post details the gameplay of Frogware’s new Sherlock Holmes game.
Released this month, this is their 12th video game.
And eighth point-and-click Sherlock game.
All inspired by the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes stories.
This new point-and-click detective game.
Is available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

For the full games series so far, see the post link included below.

New Sherlock Holmes Video Game by Frogwares

From: Frogwares.
Publisher: Big Ben Interactive.
Genres: Adventure, Point & Click, Puzzle, RPG Detective.

Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter

PC release: June 10, 2016.

Plot: London, 19th century. Moriarty is dead, but his dark legacy lives on. Welcome to 221B Baker Street for the thrilling adventure that will challenge the master sleuth as never before. When a mysterious lady moves to 221C, try to uncover the truth as you hide a terrible secret from your adopted daughter. While solving four seemingly unlinked cases, Holmes’ story will culminate in his greatest-ever problem, involving his most beloved ones and his worst enemies in a deadly chase for the truth. [Source: Amazon]

New Sherlock Holmes Detective RPG by Frogwares - The Devils Daughter
New Sherlock Holmes Detective RPG by Frogwares – The Devils Daughter
Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter – Gameplay
  • Play mainly as Sherlock Holmes. You also get to play other characters for specific tasks.
  • With point-and-click, exploration, chase sequences, fast-paced action and investigation game play.
  • Involving puzzles and mini games.
  • With 5 cases to solve: Prey Tell, A Study In Green, Infamy, Chain Reaction and Fever Dreams.
  • Plus there are additional in-game achievements to aim for. Such as being able to follow a suspect without being seen. Or winning a local lawn bowls tournament!
  • 2 Game modes: Normal and Hard – to select the amount of skips/hints/help you want to play with. You can change the game mode, at any point in the game via the options menu.
  • Freely explore an immersive 3D depiction of Victorian London. Including realistic ambient sound effects.
  • Meet an assortment of characters, question suspects and talk to witnesses.
  • You’ll be using Holmes’ renowned talents for observation and deduction in different ways through the game.
  • For example, whilst questioning suspects or witnesses. Find physical clues about their person or pick up on verbal clues. Use these clues to create a character portrait.
  • Getting the right clues and making the right deductions. Will lead to unlocking more clues, which you wouldn’t get otherwise. So it pays to have a keen eye!
  • Sherlock has 2 special vision modes. Detective mode allows him to see clues that no one else can see. And imagination mode, where Holmes can recreate a sequence of events based on the clues.
  • A handy Casebook contains helpful tools such as a fast-travel map, task list and an overview of the evidence you’ve collected.
Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter – Deduction Board

The Deduction Board is an excellent visual representation of Sherlock’s Mind Palace. Here you can view all your clues. Move them into the Deduction Space and logically combine pairs of evidence, throughout the game. At the end of each case, return to the Board to draw your final deductions. And choose a conclusion for the investigation.

Though each investigation can lead to several conclusions. Mostly there is only one correct conclusion.
Once you have confirmed your conclusion. You’ll also face a moral choice, usually whether to reprieve or punish the culprit. You then get to watch how your chosen ending plays out.

New Sherlock Holmes Game by Frogwares - The Devils Daughter
New Sherlock Holmes Game by Frogwares – The Devils Daughter
Get Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter

This is the 8th RPG installment in the series. See my post: Frogwares Sherlock Holmes Series List. For a list of all their Sherlock games. Including hidden object and RPGs. On computer and other platforms, listed in order of PC release.

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