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Doors – Escape Series by Snapbreak Games

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Doors Series - Puzzle Escape Game by Snapbreak Games

This post details the game apps in the top-rated Doors puzzle escape series by Snapbreak Games.

For iPad, iPhone and Android. Listed in order of release.

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Doors Escape Game Series

From: Snapbreak Games | Genres: Adventure, Escape, Myst, Mystery, Point & Click, Puzzle, Story-Driven.

1. Awakening

Doors 1. Awakening
Doors 1. Awakening

Released: October 2019.

Plot: Upon waking up from an accident, you see a portal with the shadow of a little boy staring at you…

You chase the boy through a string of portals, as he leaves a letter at every door you pass through. The letters reveal a mysterious story and a hard choice for you to make in the two alternative endings of the game!

For more details of this top escape game: Doors 1: Awakening by Snapbreak Games.

2. Origins

Doors 2. Origins
Doors 2. Origins

Released: November 2020.

Plot: Earth as we know it is now on a path of destruction.

A sky of constantly shifting colors, floods in places where the rain never stops, and when the snow falls it is gray.

All seemed lost until we discovered a mysterious portal.

3. Paradox

Released: September 2021.

Plot: For as long as we can remember we’ve been walking on the thin edge between chaos and order. Until one day a mysterious portal was opened and chaos prevailed. Now it’s up to you to bring back order… but it is not that simple!

Doors 3. Paradox Top New Puzzle Escape Game for iOS and Android
Doors 3. Paradox Top New Puzzle Escape Game for iOS and Android

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