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Private Academy – Free Online Escape Game

Play Free Online Puzzle Games - Private Academy

The Private Academy Escape game is a fun new and quick free online puzzle game from TimeFall. Solve the puzzles by using your observation skills to find clues from around the room, your aim is to find the key and escape the locked room!

All the clues are there you just gotta notice them and apply them to the puzzles, solve them in order to collect tools that will help you to find the 8 different coloured graduation hats.

And once you’ve got them all you’ll be rewarded with the key to unlock the door.

Play Free Online Puzzle Game

Free Online Puzzle Game - TimeFalls Private Academy Escape Game
Free Online Puzzle Game – TimeFalls PrivateAcademy Escape Game

Genres: Adventure, Escape Game, Point & Click, Puzzle.

This is a quick play free online puzzle game there’s no time limit and only gives you minimal hints. TimeFall sets this game at 10 minutes+. A nice way to take a break for puzzle fans!

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