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Facility 47 Adventure Escape Game – Review

  • Vee R 
Facility 47 Game Review

The popular point-and-click adventure puzzle game, Facility 47. New out for PC download.

This Antarctic-based escape puzzle game. Previously released on mobiles at the end of last year. For iPad, iPhone, Fire and Android.

Is now out for PC. With free demo and an unlimited in-built hints system.

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Top New Escape Game for PC

From: Inertia Game Studios. (See also their: Margrave Game Series List in Order.)
Genres: Adventure, Escape Game, Point & Click, Puzzle.

Facility 47 Game

PC release: May 2016.
Mobile release: November 2015.

Facility 47 - Top Adventure Puzzle Game for PC Fire Android
Facility 47 – Top Adventure Puzzle Game for PC Fire Android

Plot: After waking up alone in an icy cell, you find that you’ve been left with only a letter and a bottle of pills. To find out how you got here, you’ll have to escape and begin a journey through an isolated research facility in the freezing depths of the Antarctic. Solve puzzles as you go and unlock new locations around the Facility. As you explore, you can search for clues that will help you piece together the mysterious history of Facility 47 and how exactly you came to be there!

Facility 47 - Top Point & Click Adventure for PC and Mobile
Facility 47 – Top Point & Click Adventure for PC and Mobile

Facility 47 Game Play & Features

  • Unravel the curious story of Facility 47.
  • Explore the eerie abandoned Arctus Antarctic research facility. And its hostile surroundings.
  • Uncover what led to your being locked in an icy cell!
  • Find out what’s happened to the rest of your team.
  • By solving a variety of tricky puzzles.
  • And working out codes, passwords, riddles and cryptic messages. By finding clues spread about the facility.
  • Play mini-games to collect useful items or unlock new areas.
  • Explore the maze of interconnected rooms. All so dirty and unorganized, as if this station has been abandoned in a hurry!
  • Pay attention to everything. Check over every area carefully for useful items. Either to use in unlocking rooms and other locations. Or to use to complete a puzzle or mini-game.
  • And look out for clues everywhere – in the notes, signs on the walls and other paperwork.
  • The ambient soundtrack and sound effects both add to the desolate feeling of the place. Especially the howling winds outside and echoing noises inside!
  • And the hand-drawn artwork is detailed and beautiful.
  • The hints system – accessed by clicking the question mark in the left-hand corner is very handy. Use it to get a solution to a puzzle or mini-game. (See the image below for an example). Or for helpful tips, as a guide for what to do next. The hints are unlimited in the PC version. And limited in the mobile version. If you need extra hints, you can get them with in-app purchases.
  • The game automatically saves your progress.
  • And you can start over again. By selecting ‘Reset’ from the options menu on the home page.
Facility 47 - Get Puzzle Solutions and Guide Notes with Hints System
Facility 47 – Use Hints to Get Puzzle Solutions or Tips to Guide You
Facility 47 Game Review

This is definitely a game worth playing, if you are looking for a new point-and-click adventure escape game. The atmospherics are spot-on, from the visuals to the sounds. The puzzles and mini-games are varied and tricky enough to get you really thinking. Without being unsolvable! And if you do get stuck, the hints system is very useful. In giving you solutions or to guide you to the next action required.
An all-in-all, Facility 47 is an excellent ‘cool’ escape game for computer or mobile players!

Play the Facility 47 Game

Available on Amazon for: Fire Tablet (US) or Fire Tablet (UK).

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