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Mystery Case Files 4: Madame Fate – Review

Mystery Case Files: Madame Fate ReviewThis Mystery Case Files: Madame Fate review. Is about one of my top MCF detective games in the series. With it’s creepy setting of a spooky carnival! An assortment of strange and suspicious characters. Challenging hidden object games. And excellent puzzles and mini-games to solve.

If you are looking for a hidden object game. That is both gripping and that will test your sleuthing and gaming skills. Then Madame Fate has all the best aspects that you’d want in a hidden object game. Plus you can play a free demo online, no download required. See below for details.

Mystery Case Files 4: Madame Fate

Released: November 2007 | By: Big Fish Studios.

MCF4 Game Summary

This time the setting is the local carnival. Madame Fate has foretold her demise, at midnight tonight. And she has asked for your help in her investigations to find the potential murderer, before it is too late!

Search for clues or hidden objects from each of the suspects on her list. Including a host of strange carnival folk who all seem to have a perfect motive for her untimely demise. Eliminate them from the list of possible culprits until you can find out who has murder in mind!

Mystery Case Files: Madame Fate Review - Play Free Online
MCF Madame Fate Review – One of the Best Mystery Case Files

How to Play MCF4 – Madame Fate

You have 15 carnival workers to investigate, which you do by searching locations for clues to their character and whereabouts. The hidden objects are nicely in keeping with the theme and storyline. And challenge you sometimes when they are hard to find, but the hints system is there if you get stuck. Once you have found all the hidden object items on each suspects list, take them back to Madam Fate and she will then use them with her crystal ball to discover what the future holds for that suspect. And so can eliminate them – or not – from the investigations.

Puzzles and Mini-Games

As well as the hidden object games there are a number of puzzles and mini-games interspersed between the sections. For example, before Madame Fate tells you the future of each suspect, you will first need to crack a puzzle – and these are also quite challenging. Similarly, in order to get into suspects rooms, you will have to solve a little brain-teaser such as a word scramble game.

And another little mini-game that you play within the main game is the search for mystery changing items. You will need to collect these as and when you see them throughout the game. You can tell these are apart from other objects, because they will change form right before your eyes. So make sure you click on them to put them into your inventory, for later. Once all of these mystery items are collected you will unlock additional locations, which will be integrated into the next chapter you are in.

MCF: Madame Fate is a hidden object game that has it all. From HOG games, puzzles and mini-games that challenge you. To the atmosphere of the carnival, the stunning graphics, the unique storyline and the sound effects are so well done that they really immerse you into the story. This is a highly enjoyable hidden object game that will satisfy fans of the mystery detective games.

Play Mystery Case Files 4: Madame Fate

Available on PC CD from US Amazon or UK Amazon.

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9 thoughts on “Mystery Case Files 4: Madame Fate – Review”

  1. This game did not disappoint after Return to Ravenhearst. It was wonderful! No x-ray vision needed to find hidden objects, great graphics, terrific music, easy maneuvering, great story, just a super game! You have the option to skip puzzles you may not want to do and there are plenty hints if you need them. Always great to have options.

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