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New York Mysteries 2: High Voltage – Review

New York Mysteries 2: High Voltage - Review

Review of New York Mysteries 2: High Voltage.

A top crime-solving hidden object game.

From Five-BN.

Available for computer on PC and Mac. And on tablet and phone.

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New Detective Game from 5BN

From: Five-BN Ltd.

Genres: Detective Games, Mystery, Hidden Object, Puzzle.

New York Mysteries 2: High Voltage

PC release date: June 2015.

Plot: New York City, sometime in the 1950s. A wave of mysterious murders has swept through the city. At each crime scene, only a pile of ash remains. Witnesses claim to have seen a ball of lightning. Could a human being be capable of such a thing? Who is behind the cryptic killings? Are they connected with a strange incident which took place during an execution at the Sing Sing penitentiary? The police are unable to answer any of these questions… and so the White Stone Order takes the reins. Fearless journalist Laura is again brought in to investigate murders nobody can explain! Immerse yourself in an exciting crime story and visit uncharted locations from 1950s New York!

New Detective Game - Solve the Murder Mystery in New York Mysteries 2
New Detective Game – Solve the Murder Mystery in New York Mysteries 2

New York Mysteries 2 – Game Play

  • Called in to assist the police, to solve a series of murders. You play as Laura James, who works as an investigator for a secret society! You are tasked with uncovering the truth behind another weird 1950’s New York mystery!
  • With puzzles, mini-games and some but not many interactive hidden object games (iHOGs).
  • The HO games are of the silhouette variety. Where you must find the objects that fits the shape in a certain order. Interacting and using with the items in the scene. To ultimately find the required key item in each HO scene.
  • Choose from 3 difficulty levels: Easy, Normal and Hard. Which have fully customizable settings for your own preference. From choosing the amount of help or hints you want. To how long you want the hint and skip buttons to take to recharge. Plus in the Collector’s Edition (CE), you can decide if you want the interactive map to show you where you’ve yet to find collectible and morphing items.
  • This game is split into 5 chapters. Plus a bonus chapter in the CE. With 35 locations to unlock.
New Detective Game - Explore 1950s New York in New York Mysteries 2
New Detective Game – Explore 1950s New York in NYM 2
New York Mysteries 2 – Features
  • Starting at the latest crime scene. Get cracking on this electrifying murder mystery! Find clues and collect evidence.
  • Journal: Click on the book icon in the bottom left-hand corner to access your journal. This is automatically updated with the info you discover in your investigations.
  • Task List: Click on the clipboard in the bottom left-hand corner. This will list your completed and current tasks.
  • Interactive Map: Click on the map icon in the bottom right-hand corner. For a useful overview of the locations you have unlocked. Including those with actions available. And locations you’ve yet to open. You can also use this map to fast-travel to a new location with just one click.
  • A hints system and skip button are available. The time for them to recharge, dependant on your current difficulty mode setting.
  • The Collector’s Edition includes: A bonus chapter, a detailed strategy guide, 4 different sets of collectibles and morphing/beyond items (35 in total) to find throughout the game. Plus 20 diascope slides to collect and 22 achievements/trophies to aim for!
New Detective Game - New York Mysteries 2 HOPA App
New Detective Game – New York Mysteries 2 HOPA App

New York Mysteries 2 – Review

This is an excellent sequel. Keeping up the standard set in the previous New York Mysteries game. (See below for my review post).

With clear and beautiful graphics. Well done voice-over acting. An engaging murder mystery story with plenty of twists and surprises.

The game play is also excellent. In both challenge and length. There’s a few hidden object scenes, all creative and unique. Using interaction to challenge you, rather than just ticking items off a list. The mini-games are also more varied than usual. And the puzzles range from the usual sliding or re-assembling type puzzles. To more unusual puzzle games. With enough difficulty to be enjoyable and challenging. Just in the main game there is plenty to do.

Collector’s Edition Extras

The CE includes plenty of extras. Including all the different collection items to find. A bonus chapter with additional story and game play. You can also replay the puzzles and mini-games by going to the extras section via the main menu. And once you’ve collected the 20 slides, you can play the diascope, which reveals more back story details and more puzzles.

Overall, this is a top quality detective game for computer and mobile. With gorgeous artwork, loads of excellent gameplay. Especially puzzles, and some excellent HO games (though only a few). And a thrilling story that engrosses you from beginning to end!

Play New York Mysteries 2: High Voltage
Available from Amazon for: Fire Tablet (US) or Fire Tablet (UK).

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