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Margrave Game Series from Inertia Studios

Margrave Game Series Order

This Margrave game series list. Details all of the games in this mystery HO series by Inertia Game Studios. Listed in order of release. Available to play on PC, Mac, Fire. Including free online demos for the first 2 chapters. If you have a favourite game series, that isn’t yet featured on this blog. Let me know! See below for details.

Margrave Game Series Order

From: Inertia Game Studios.
Genres: Mystery, Hidden Object, Puzzle.

1. The Secret of Margrave Manor

Released: 2008.

Plot: Dusty drapes and ancient chandeliers dot the spooky Margrave Manor house. As Edwina Margrave, you must find your grandfather who’s been missing for ten years. Your only clue to his whereabouts is a strange door with an odd puzzle to unlock. In each room, collect hidden objects and view your strange medley in the collection room.

Play The Secret of Margrave Manor

2. Margrave Manor: Lost Ship

Released: 2009.

Plot: Edwin Margrave was a famed treasure hunter, whose ship disappeared mysteriously over a decade ago. Now, the ship has reappeared and it’s up to Edwina to figure out what happened. Learn about the legendary treasure and follow the clues to discover the secret of Margrave Manor 2: Lost Ship!

Play Margrave Manor 2: Lost Ship

3. Margrave: The Curse of the Severed Heart

Released: 2011.

Plot: Deep in the English countryside, Edwina Margrave has returned to the cottage where her parents died, eager to speak with the one person who might shed light on the tragedy – the volatile landlady, Miss Thorn. But her shocking revelations are not what Edwina expected! Enlist the aid of the spirit world and evade the wrath of a disfigured beast.

Margrave Game Series 3. The Curse of the Severed Heart
Margrave Game Series 3. The Curse of the Severed Heart
Play Margrave Mysteries 3: The Curse of the Severed Heart

4. Margrave Mysteries: The Blacksmith’s Daughter

Released: 2012.

Plot: Embark on a thrilling rescue mission in Margrave: The Blacksmith’s Daughter! The town of the Cyclops appears for a single day once every three hundred years, on an island lost to cartographers. On this Day of Alignment, the town rises and sets with the midsummer sun. As the Margrave saga nears its devastating conclusion, Edwina Margrave embarks on a rescue mission into the town. Her only chance of escape is to return life to the arcane machines, and hope to the sole survivor of an ancient war.

Play Margrave Mysteries 4: The Blacksmith’s Daughter

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  1. Random Guy On Internet

    Number four is my mother’s favorite game and she plays an awful lot of these. We’ve been waiting for a couple years, checking periodically to see if they release a fifth, as was supposed to happen. We really wish they would soon.

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