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Spellarium Match 3 Game Series by FRH

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Spellarium Games by FRH

This post details the Spellarium games by FRH.

A match 3 puzzle series. Which combines match 3 puzzle game play.

With solitaire and hidden object games!

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November 2020 Update: Spellarium 6 now out.

Spellarium Games List

From: FRH Games.
Genres: Match 3, Puzzle, Solitaire.

Spellarium 1

Released: February 2017.

Plot: Fire, Air, Earth, Water, Light and Darkness – these are the six elements our universe relies on. A powerful artifact, the crystal called Spellarium, can transform the light of the sun into the magical energy that fills the world with life. Spellarium has gone missing and the world is slowly decaying now. Help Eric, the wizard sent by the gods, retrieve the artifact and return life to the world!

Game Play and Features: 100 levels with mini games. Restore a decaying town. Relaxed, Timed and Limited modes. A beautiful world to save!

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Spellarium 2

Released: November 2017.

Plot: The wizard Eric has been instructed by the Gods to create a 7th element and he’ll need your help to do it. Fire, Air, Earth, Water, Light and Darkness are the six elements our universe relies on, but the Gods have asked for another. Complete a fun variety of puzzles as you follow Eric on his journey to create the 7th element.

Game Play and Features: 110 match-3 levels. A beautiful temple to build. Relaxed, timed and limited game modes. Beautiful artwork, colorful tiles and bonuses.

Spellarium 3

Released: August 2018.

Plot: This was a beautiful world before the Dark Spirits went out of control. The great war saw the Gods in direct conflict with the Dark Spirits, and thankfully, the Gods won. The world we once knew lies in ruin and the Gods need a Wizard to help raise a new world from the ashes. They’ve entrusted Eric with this task and have asked that he also build a great palace in honor of their glorious victory. Help Eric build his way to success!

Spellarium Games Series List by FRH for PC and Mac Download
Spellarium Games Series List by FRH for PC and Mac Download

Game Play and Features: 110 match3 levels. New and challenging game mechanics. Relaxed, Timed and Limited Moves modes. Bright and beautiful artwork.

Spellarium 4

PC release: May 2019.

Plot: Your favorite wizard is back but this could be the final adventure. You see, Eric has spent the last 400 years in service to the Gods, but his time is running out and the Gods don’t seem interested in prolonging his life! Join your favorite wizard on his quest to grow the Tree of Life and, with the right help, maybe he can find some magic to extend his years.

Spellarium 5

PC release: March 2020.

Plot: Eric has found a way to restore his youth, but he’s lost the ability to control the Elements – throwing everything off balance. As a result, the Spellarium, the magic crystal which maintains order, has fallen to the bottom of a huge lake. The world is rapidly turning into a frozen wasteland and it seems nothing can melt the ice and lift the Crystal…

Spellarium 6

PC release: November 2020.

Plot: Spellarium is back with the next great puzzle adventure! This time, the Gods grow tired of their responsibilities and have chosen to delegate duties to Eric while they go on a much-deserved vacation! Join Eric and help him take on a monumental task while completing a resort for the Gods!

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