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Sir Match-a-Lot, Top Free Match 3 Game for PC

Sir Match-a-Lot Free Full Match 3 PC Game

Top Big Fish match 3 game, Sir Match-a-Lot. A fun free full version match 3 game.
With regular updates for computer on PC.
And on tablet and mobile for Android, Amazon Fire, iPad and iPhone.

Details of the game included below. Plus the latest update news. Which includes new content and new worlds to explore!

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Free Full Version Match 3 Game for PC and Mobile

Sir Match-a-Lot combines match 3 puzzle game play. With medieval adventure. Battling with evil bosses and dragons! Help brave knight, Sir Match-a-Lot as he travels through the land.

This colorful match 3 game is available as a free full download. For your computer or mobile, so that you can play it offline, too.

From: Elephant Games.
Publisher: Big Fish Games.

Sir Match-a-Lot

First released: February 2016.
Genres: Match 3, Puzzle Games, Action, Strategy, Medieval Adventure, Kids, Family-Friendly.

Description: Strap on your sword and grab your shield, it’s knight time! Travel to faraway locations with your Match 3 skills to battle menacing monsters and powerful gatekeepers in this puzzle challenge!

Sir Match-a-Lot Features

  • Match and Move! Match 3 or more brightly colored tiles. To help your knight travel across the land. The more you match, the faster you complete levels! Be brave and earn 3 stars on as many levels as you can!
  • Majestic Power-Ups & Resources! Use bombs, striped items and more to complete all levels! Battle Stone Giants to gain epic resources!
  • Battle Tough Bosses! Complete puzzles in a Kingdom, The Green Hills and more. To gain access to the bosses! Special rewards are given if you can destroy powerful bosses in each location.
  • Choose the Path of your Adventure! This is not your typical puzzle map! Look for intersections where you can take multiple paths to glory. Now you can decide how to use the map for success!
Sir Match-a-Lot - Free Full Match 3 Game for PC and Mobile
Sir Match-a-Lot – Free Full Match 3 Game for PC and Mobile

Sir Match-a-Lot – Game Play

The main game play of Sir Match-a-Lot involves completing each level with match 3 games. To do this you must reach the targets set for each match 3 puzzle. Whether it’s collecting a certain number of fireflies or smashing all the terra tiles on the board. And you must also do this is a specific number of moves! This adds to the challenge of this match 3 game. And though the first few levels seem easy enough. These are just for you to get the hang of the game. They quickly become more tricky!

If you do run out of moves whilst playing a level. You can spin the ‘Crazy Wheel’ to try win some more. If you don’t, you can use your gold. Or buy more with an online in-game purchase to get more moves.

When you complete a game you will earn items. Including gold, points, and boosts. Boosts will help you complete the levels quicker. And if you replay levels you can earn more gold and other items.

Sir Match-a-Lot - Free Full Match 3 Game - Collect Fireflies
Sir Match-a-Lot – Free Full Match 3 Game – Collect Fireflies

Sir Match-a-Lot – Quests

But as well as the match 3 puzzles you play, to move your knight across the map. You also have daily quests to fulfil. Including defeating a certain number of tough bosses. By using your match 3 game moves, try to achieve the most powerful attack. So that you can diminish your enemies health. Before they deplete yours!

If you run out of energy before you defeat a boss. You can try win, earn or buy more health. In the same way you get more moves – as detailed above. You can also wait for your health to replenish.

Plus there are ongoing side-quests or tasks. Such as earning lightning spheres. Collecting keys to release wizards. Building firefly farms! Collecting stickers for your sticker book. And of course, slaying dragons!

Click on the scroll in the top right-hand corner. And you can see your progress in the ongoing tasks.

Sir Match-a-Lot - Free Full Match 3 Game - Explore the Kingdom
Sir Match-a-Lot – Free Full Match 3 Game – Explore the Kingdom

Latest Sir Match-a-Lot Updates for PC

  • January 2018: World 16 Vacation Time is ready for exploration!
  • February 2018: World 17 Olympus Village is ready to explore!
  • April 2018: World 18 Lunar Base is ready for players to explore!

Latest Sir Match-a-Lot App Store Update for Tablet and Mobile

  • March 2018: Update now and get ready to reach for the stars! This update is one you’ll love to the moon and back!
  • May 2018: We’ve got a loaded lineup of exciting events in store! Update now to stay on top of the latest and greatest in the world of Sir Match-a-Lot.
  • July 2018: This update is the cat’s meow! Update now to get ready for a paws-itively purrrfect time, and stay up to date with the latest and greatest in the world of Sir Match-a-Lot!

Sir Match-a-Lot – Review

All of these quests combine to make this a fun and addictive match 3 game. And with its colorful and large graphics. As well as simple game mechanics. Makes this a perfect match 3 game for all ages.

This is a perfect casual game that you can play as a time-filler. To play a bit, as and when you’ve got a few spares minutes. Though once you get into it – especially with the side-quests. You may find this fun match 3 game unexpectedly addictive!

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  1. What the …? After having played for about a week, the lives are no longer regenerating! Why? I don’t want to uninstall & reinstall, having made it up to level 98 in 1st area.

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