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Spellarium from FRH Games – Review

  • Vee R 
Spellarium Review

This Spellarium review.
Includes details of the new match 3 game.
For PC and Mac.
With free demo.
And full version download online.
From top Match 3 developer FRH Games.

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Spellarium – New Match 3 Game

Title: Spellarium.
From: FRH Games.
Publisher: Big Fish Games.
Genres: Match 3, Puzzle, Solitaire.
PC release: February 2017.

Spellarium Match 3 Game

Description: Fire, Air, Earth, Water, Light and Darkness. These are the six elements our universe relies on. A powerful artifact, the crystal called Spellarium. Can transform the light of the sun into the magical energy. That fills the world with life. Spellarium has gone missing. And the world is slowly decaying now. Help Eric, the wizard sent by the gods. Retrieve the artifact and return life to the world!

Spellarium New FRH Mac and PC Game
Spellarium New FRH Mac and PC Game

Spellarium Features

  • 100 levels with mini games.
  • Restore a decaying town.
  • 3 game modes: relaxed, limited time or limited moves.
  • A beautiful world to save!
  • Power-Ups to maximise your match 3 game play. Make more than 3 combos and get cool power-ups! Such as dynamite, rockets and stars.
  • Use the Help Guide for info on how to play Spellarium. Including details of your match 3 objectives. How the power-ups work. Fire tips and tricks. And game features. The guide is also accessible from the within the match 3 games.
Spellarium New BigFish Match 3 Puzzle Game for Mac and PC with Mini Games
Spellarium New BigFish Match 3 Puzzle Game for Mac and PC with Mini Games

Spellarium Review

Similar to their Laruaville match 3 games. (See below for my Laruaville post.) This time FRH introduces us to a wizardy-themed match 3 game, Spellarium. With matching items and power-ups. However, this time they’ve added to the difficulty with interesting power-ups. Game features to clear using combos or explosions. And fun mini-games to vary the pace and game play.

This is a fun and challenging game for match 3 fans. Especially if you haven’t yet played one by FRH games before!

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