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Lemmings Games Listed in Order: Full Series

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Lemmings games in order

The Lemmings series is a legendary one for sure, even though it’s been several years since we last saw a new game released.

But starting back in 1991 and with 19 entries in the series (including spin-offs), players can be confused about which game to try first – or the chronological order to play them in (as many are still playable today, including online and for free).

Here are all the Lemmings games, listed in order of release, including all the demos and spin-offs (keep reading below for details):


Lemmings 1 gameplay image

Release date: 1991

Platforms: PC (MS-DOS), Gameboy, Amiga & More

This is the first game in the series and the one I still consider the best of them all. It is a combination of puzzle and strategy, with your objective being that of guiding the lemmings through the map, having them avoid any obstacles, and reaching the exit.

Overall, this is one of the most appreciated games of the 90s and one title that will sure bring up nostalgia to those who played it and want to replay it. You can find it on various abandonware websites, but also on various online games portals where you can play it for free.

Shortly after its release, the original Lemmings game received the Oh No! More Lemmings expansion pack with more levels, graphics, difficulty levels, and audio tracks. Both the original and the expansion were available on basically all gaming platforms of the moment.

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Xmas Lemmings 1991

Release date: 1991

Platforms: MS-Dos, Amiga & More

This is a demo version designed to promote the original Lemmings game and its expansion via Christmas-themed levels. Just like the original, it was also available on almost all computer and console types of the time.

Xmas Lemmings 1992

Release date: 1992

Platforms: MS-Dos, Amiga & More

Xmas Lemmings is another demo that was designed to promote the main game with even more Christmas-themed levels.

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Lemmings 2: The Tribes

Lemmings 2 screenshot

Release date: 1992

Platforms: Amiga, MS-DOS, Mega Drive, Super Nintendo, Game Boy

The first sequel of the game. While it came with new levels and mechanics, including a fresher visual approach, it was built on the same engine so it felt a lot like the original.

I had a great time playing this one too and I enjoyed the new jobs aka skills of the Lemmings, as well as the Tribes approach to the difficulty levels. Very challenging and smart, and very different from how games are made nowadays.

Holiday Lemmings 1993

Release date: 1993

Platforms: MS DOS, Amiga, Mac

Standalone game with only Christmas-themed maps, built on the same principles as the demo versions in Xmas Lemmings 1991 & 1992 (so these games still used the engine and feel of the original Lemmings, not Lemmings 2).

Holiday Lemmings 1994

Release date: 1994

Platforms: MS DOS, Amiga, Mac

Same principle as the above game with more holiday maps. This was the last game in the series to use the original game engine, introduced by the first Lemmings title.

The Lemmings Chronicles aka All New World of Lemmings

Lemmings Chronicles gameplay screenshot

Release date: 1994

Platforms: MS DOS, Amiga

This is the third game in the series, usually referred to as Lemmings 3 because of the two different names it was released under (The Lemmings Chronicles in North America and All New World of Lemmings in the rest of the world).

Ah… I don’t miss the times when games had different names based on the geographical region they were launched in!

Back to the game, Lemmings 3 takes place after the events in the sequel and introduces new skills, tools, and enemies. I have to admit that it was the final Lemmings game that I truly enjoyed, even though I have tried playing most of the upcoming releases.

Lemmings 3D

Release date: 1995

Platforms: MS Dos, Sega Saturn, PS1

The first time Lemmings arrived on PlayStation with a focus on 3D graphics. It was the time when games were trying the 3D approach, as it was all the rage… but unfortunately for this game, it was a flop.

There are many examples of games that failed to make the switch to 3D (at least initially) and the new Lemmings is one of them, although it tried with an interesting approach – by keeping many elements from the old game, but also introducing plenty of new ones.

3D Lemmings Winterland

Release date: 1995

Platforms: MS Dos, Sega Saturn, PS1

3D Lemmings Winterland is a demo version of Lemmings 3D with only Christmas-themed maps, similar to the ones released for the original Lemmings.

Lemmings Paintball

Lemmings Paintball level screenshot

Release date: 1996

Platforms: Windows

Lemmings Paintball offers a different approach to the series as a shooter/splatter paintball game, but also with puzzle elements.

It’s no real surprise to see this after the failure of 3D Lemmings, as the publishers were still trying to find something that works… but unfortunately this wasn’t it either, as the game wasn’t well received. I remember enjoying playing it though, so you can give it a try and see for yourself.

The game is no longer sold, but I did see it listed on some Abandonware websites.

The Adventures of Lomax

Release date: 1996

Platforms: PC, PS1

The Adventures of Lomax is the first platformer game in the series where you play as the last Lemming alive and try to save yourself from all the enemies attacking you by completing various levels.

While it’s just a spin-off that had nothing to do with the original gameplay, it enjoyed a better reception than the previous releases and it was a good side-scrolling platformer (at least for the standards of those times).

Lemmings Revolution

Lemmings Revolutions level start screenshot

Release date: 2000

Platforms: PC

We’re going back to the basics with Lemmings Revolution, the first solid puzzle game released in some time. And a good one too!

Mixing 2D appeal with a revolving, cylindrical, puzzle world, it manages to deliver an experience similar to that from the original Lemmings, while also bringing nice innovations and appeal for new players.

Love a Lemming

Release date: 2005

Platforms: Mobile (J2ME)

A Tamagotchi type of game, available on the Java mobile platform of that type, Love a Lemming challenged you to raise your own Lemming and care for it daily, while also playing all sorts of minigames.

While I never played this games, I checked some gameplay videos of it and it looks interesting.

Lemmings Return

Release date: 2006

Platforms: Mobile (J2ME)

2006 was the year of the Lemmings, with three (very confusing) titles released on various platforms.

Lemmings Return is the mobile version, available for Java-powered phones of the times. It’s an acceptable game trying to bring back the original Lemmings gameplay and feel, but with most levels being remakes from previous titles.

Lemmings 2006

Release date: 2006

Platforms: PS2 & PSP

PSP remake of the original game, but with some new features like a level editor, a few new custom level and better graphics. Don’t mistake it with the PS3 version below.

Lemmings PS3

Release date: 2006

Platforms: PS3

To make things very confusing, another game titled “Lemmings” was also launched in 2006 for the PlayStation 3 console, which had nothing to do with the remake released on PSP.

This was a new Lemmings game with more content and maps, updated graphics and overall was a really good game in the series, keeping true to the high value of the original titles.

Lemmings Tribes

Release date: 2008

Platforms: Mobile (J2ME)

Another mobile puzzle game in true Lemmings fashion, this time released by Glu and offering 3 campaigns, divided between three different tribes.

The game looked really good and had a few innovations in terms of skills, including one unique skill to each tribe.

Lemmings: Touch

Release date: 2014

Platforms: PS Vita

New Lemmings game exclusive to PS Vita with a wide variety of new content, although it also featured many puzzles from previous titles, mostly the 2006 remake for the PSP.

Lemmings: The Puzzle Adventure

Lemmings The Puzzle Adventure

Release date: 2018

Platforms: iOS, Android

Simply titled “Lemmings” on Android, it is a puzzle and strategy game for mobile devices that’s free to play with many levels and puzzles to solve.

While the game was initially launched in 2018, it’s still actively updated with new content and patches, making it a great choice for fans of the series.

Download links (free game): App Store or Google Play.

These are all the games in the Lemmings series – although it gets a bit confusing eventually, with all the releases of different games under the same name, you have the most accurate list on the world wide web above!

While there are few games (if any) similar to Lemmings, here are a few game series you should check out:

Which games have you played from this list and which would you recommend to others? Feel free to let us know of the next Lemmings game in your agenda by commenting below!

Also, if a new game is launched in the series and you don’t see the list updated, please let me know so I can right the wrong.

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