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Best Mobile Games Like Whiteout Survival

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Games Like Whiteout Survival

Check out below my handpicked list of games like Whiteout Survival for mobile. These games are very similar in terms of gameplay, setting and overall feel, offering players amazing alternatives to Century Games’ hit title.

I have selected these games after playing them, and they better than what some other websites recommend (I honestly saw one recommending an NBA sim and EA Sports FC Mobile on their “games like Whiteout Survival” article!)

Check out the table below for a quick list of the games, and read on below for all the details, as well as download links for Android and iOS.

Frostpunk: Beyond the Ice

Frostpunk Beyond the Ice presentation image

Frostpunk is the ultimate survival simulation game where decision-making will save or destroy your colony.

Your goal is to survive against the extremely harsh weather while keeping as many of your citizens fed, healthy, and happy.

Fight against the elements and get ready to make some extremely hard decisions to ensure that at least some of your people survive. A perfect alternative to Whiteout Survival!

Download: Android | iOS

Frozen City

Frozen City game screenshot

Frozen City is a city-building sim developed by Century Games, the same devs that have created Whiteout Survival and is very similar in concept and vibe.

The main difference is the lack of PvP. It’s a PvE game focused on offering a more casual and relaxing experience and it comes as a fresh breath of air after your main base in WS gets raided. Do try it out!

Download: Android | iOS

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Frost Land Survival

Frost Land Survival game screenshot

We’re sticking to the winter-themes survival approach, but also the lack of PvP and a more casual city-building experience.

Resource gathering, building and survival of your people are the main focus here, with various battles against invading monsters and various challenges in an otherwise relaxed atmosphere where you can play at your own pace, without feeling the constant threat from other players (or pressure from fellow alliance members).

Just like with Frozen City above, I think this is a great alternative as it offers a more care-free gameplay experience.

Download: Android | iOS

Top War: Battle Game

top war battle game

Top War is a 4x strategy multiplayer game where your goal is to craft and upgrade your guns and equipment, then attack other players and fend off their attacks.

Build and upgrade buildings, skills, and units to increase your overall strength and fight against other players – this is what this game is mainly about, and it is very similar to Whiteout Survival, but without the winter setting. We’re kind of done with these for the rest of the list!

Download: Android | iOS

Rise of Castles: Ice and Fire

Rise of Castles Ice and Fire presentation image
Note: This is just a presentation image and it doesn’t reflect the game 100% (although it’s more or less how your main kingdom area will look like)

We’re moving to a more medieval/fantasy setting with Rise of Castles, which is your classic strategy/empire building game: build up your kingdom, gather resources, attack other players, join alliances and so on.

It comes as a solid alternative to Whiteout Survival, and it’s played in horizontal mode with more details available on the map… but also with plenty of challenges and new elements to keep you entertained for a long time.

Download: Android | iOS

Viking Rise

Viking Rise in-game screenshot

It looks like there’s still some winter left for my recommended Whiteout Survival alternatives – and Viking Rise is an amazing one.

With a great visual style and plenty of things to do, this real time strategy challenges you to build up your base, recruit heroes (including mounts), then farm for resources as you see fit – either producing them at home, pillaging neighbors or from the various in-game events. Really nice game.

Download: Android | iOS

Throne Rush

Throne Rush in-game screenshot

Throne Rush is a strategy build and battle simulator. In a huge MMORPG world, create your colony and assemble your army to fight against other players in massive-scale battles.

If you want the survival theme of Whiteout Survival with a strategy-focused approach, Throne Rush is a must-try.

Download: Android | iOS

Clash of Kings

Clash of Kings screenshot

In Clash of Kings, players take over one of the five unique civilizations and help it thrive, starting from scratch.

Other than the city-building and progression elements that strongly resemble Whiteout Survival, Clash of Kings stands out due to receiving constant updates every month with lots of new content that keeps the game fresh despite its age (it was released back in 2014 – but still relevant and an amazing choice).

Download: Android | iOS

Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade

RoK game screenshot

Another legendary game that’s a bit older, but kept alive by an amazing community and constant updates.

Rise of Kingdoms offers solid strategy gameplay and base building mechanics, with various heroes to recruit, alliances to join and server-wide events to beat, all while protecting against potential enemy attacks.

One thing to really appreciate about RoK – I game I’ve been playing for years now – is the different civilizations you can choose as starters, each coming with a unique design, unique bonuses, and a unique starting hero.

Download: Android | iOS

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Do you know any other games that are similar to Whiteout Survival and worth playing? Share them with us all below.

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