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Rooms & Exits Chapter 1 Level 14 Walkthrough [Indoor Playground]

Rooms And Exits Walkthrough Chapter 1 Level 14

Stuck playing Roomx&Exits Chapter 1 Level 15 – Indoor Playground? My complete walkthrough will take you step by step through this stage and help you complete it.

Completing the level wasn’t easy (it never is in this game), but fortunately, I did manage to figure out all the puzzles out and now I am able to share the full solution with you.

Without further ado, here is the Rooms & Exits Chapter 1 Level 14 Walkthrough walkthrough!

NOTE: Make sure you don’t skip any steps, especially at the maze, as you’re going to be very confused and lost otherwise, and you’ll need to start over.

Rooms & Exits Chapter 1 Level 14 Indoor Playground Walkthrough

  • Click on the boat in the front and notice the three lifelines and how the thin red stripes are positioned.
  • Click on the colored cupboards and on the candy machine to the right.
  • Move the buttons like the arrows above show.
  • Take the green candy.
  • Click on the toy on top of the cupboards and take its red nose.
  • Check the flowers under the bridge and take the yellow button in the middle.
  • Look at the drawing board under the bridge and take the red circle and the stick leaning on the wall next to the flower.
  • Move the blue jumping balls in the corner, tap on the toy on the ground, and take the blue marble.
  • Between the Exit door and the other door, there’s a pipe toy. Put all your colored marbles here, each in the right location on top of it, to match the color.
  • Notice the 4 colors under the key? You need to switch the pipes so the balls will fall in their matching hole, but in the right order: yellow – red – green – blue
  • Release each ball after you got the pipes to make a path to the right color.
  • Take the key and use it on the last violet cupboard, then take the shoes once it opens.
  • Dismantle the shoes to get the shoelace.
  • Combine the shoelace and the red circle, then combine the stick with the circle on a string.
  • Use it in the colored ball pit to get another key.
  • Use this key on the yellow cupboard.
  • Take the backpack and use it on the hook that’s next to the door on the right.
  • You’ll enter a labyrinth and this is how to find your way through:
    • Up – Up – Right – Up – Take the handle
    • Up – Right – Up – Up – Take the target
    • Back – Right – Left – Up – Use the target on the ball gun to shoot each target.
    • Up – Right – Put the handle on the door, enter code 50382, and pull the handle.
  • You’re inside a doll house, tap on the orange house and click on the light switch to see better.
  • Take the red lightbulb on the lower shelf.
  • Go to the greenhouse and click the light switch on the wall.
  • Tap the lamp and take the blue lightbulb.
  • Go to the pink house and put the red lightbulb on the lamp here and tap on the light switch.
  • Open the blinds on the window and go outside. Remember: 6×8/3h=48:3=16h
  • Go back inside, switch off the lights, and take the red bulb again.
  • Now put the blue bulb on and turn on the lights.
  • Go outside and remember: 7+7×4=7+28=35min
  • Go to the blue house turn on the lights and look at the clock.
  • Turn the hour arrow to 4 (IV – 16) and the minutes’ arrow to 7 (VII – 35)
  • It will open a drawing of a clock AM – PM
  • Go to the door on the right and tap on the bear next to it.
  • Drag the key on the bear to open the door to get you back to the first room.
  • Click on the colored cupboards where the backpack used to be.
  • Tap on the little box inside and write 1635 on the digits, then 0435.
  • Take the key inside and open the Exit door and get out.


Now you know how to solve GAME TITLE. I am sure that this walkthrough helped a lot, especially when it comes to solving the maze / labyrinth area.

But if you still have questions, don’t shy away from asking for help down below.

Also, make sure to check out some of the other walkthrough guides in the series, listed below.

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  1. What was the am/pm clock drawing for? That seemed useless. So did the bear with the key on the string. Also, for the last step, 0435 worked to open the chest. I didn’t have to enter the 1635 you mentioned. Thank you for the maze directions. I tried it without at first and got all kinds of lost in there lol.

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