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Rooms & Exits Chapter 1 Level 12 Walkthrough [Food Court]

  • Vee R 
Rooms And Exits Walkthrough Chapter 1 Level 12

In this article, we’re checking out the full walkthrough for Rooms and Exits, Chapter 1 Level 12 – Food Court.

In case you get stuck and the in-game hint system doesn’t help, you can check out my instructions below to finish the level.

Just like with all the levels in this challenging puzzle game, this one was very difficult to complete and it took me a while to get things sorted out. But I did, and now I am here to share the solution with you.

So, without further ado, here is the walkthrough for Rooms & Exits Chapter 1 Level 12!

Rooms & Exits Chapter 1 Level 12 Food Court Walkthrough

  • Take the waffles from the table and the latte coffee from the other table.
  • Dismantle the waffles to get: blueberries, raspberries, and waffle.
  • Go to the juice section where the second register is.
  • Tap on the register and take the green spatula.
  • Open the fridge and take out the strawberries and the milk.
  • Look at the glasses of smoothies above the smoothie maker.
  • The clue is: green = 5 lines, orange = 3 lines, red = 4 lines, yellow = 1 line, and purple = 6 lines.
  • Tap on the drawer under the register, where the colors are.
  • Tap the straws in front of each color accordingly to the numbers above.
  • Take the carrot and the dragonfruit from inside.
  • Then you can check out the milkshake recipe above the pineapple in this area.
  • Put in the smoothie maker the veggies and fruits shown in the recipe: Strawberries + raspberries + blueberries + dragonfruit + carrot + milk
  • Press the smoothie maker’s button till it reaches the 350 line.
  • Go to the register here and enter 350 and click the green button so it opens the drawer.
  • Take the coin and Maria’s credit card.
  • Take a look at the coffee area now.
  • Take the coin on the counter.
  • Look at the star drawing and solve the puzzle until you bring the flowers to this position.
  • Get the wooden spatula from behind the star.
  • Tap on the apron hanging on the right wall of this coffee shop area.
  • Take the Nik badge and use the latte coffee on the shelf.
  • Look at the painting on the left of the screen with all the coffee types and notice the coffee beans in between the mugs.
  • This is the pattern you will need to rearrange the shelves with the coffee mugs.
  • The coffee beans represent the shelf number and which coffee goes on which shelf.
  • Once the pattern is correct it will give you a handle.
  • Move to the pizza area now.
  • Take the pizza cutter from the cutting board and the red spatula from the veggies.
  • Open the freezer and take the whipped cream bottle.
  • You can go to the other room and check it out.
  • Tap on the burger area and on the cupboards above the sink and solve the color pattern.
  • Take the hamburger plate and the blue spatula.
  • Go to the other cooking area with regular food.
  • Take the food plate from the tray, a coin from the pot with red sauce, a purple spatula from the first rectangular food tray, and a piece of cable in front of the food trays.
  • Behind the register, there’s a blue box.
  • Solve the match-2 puzzle, you can only match the ones not stuck under other pieces.
  • Once solved, you can take the yellow mug and the coin.
  • Check out the register here and use the piece of cable to fix it.
  • Now put the plate of food shown on the screen on the scale and use Maria’s credit card to pay for it.
  • It will give you the bill with a color code on it: black orange gray | red yellow green
  • Go to the Pizza area and rearrange the pizza after that pattern:
    • First row: olive pizza – pepperoni pizza – mushroom pizza
    • Second row: tomato pizza – pineapple pizza – green bell pepper pizza
  • It will give you a cinnamon stick.
  • Go to the coffee area and use all the coins in the red cross box.
  • It will reveal a lightbulb you can take.
  • Use the lightbulb on the lights here, one is missing.
  • Check the shelf that is not visible and take the cupcake.
  • Check the drawer under the coffee machine and put the spatulas you found in the right place.
  • Remember the empty spaces in the spatulas: 5 3 4 0 2
  • Go to the register here at the coffee area and enter the name NIK in the first spot under the human.
  • And enter 53402 as a code under ***** spot.
  • It will tell you what to do with the coffee machine.
  • Use the yellow mug on the coffee maker and put the handle here to fix the coffee machine.
  • It will fill the mug with coffee and you can take the mug of coffee.
  • Combine the whipped cream tube with the coffee mug. Then combine it with the cinnamon stick.
  • There’s a green box on one of the tables here.
  • Use the pizza cutter to cut the pizza and put each piece on a plate.
  • You’ll find a bill under the pizza.
  • Put the items listed there: hamburger plate, cinnamon coffee mug, and cupcake.
  • Every food item has a letter on it that will spell Z C O
  • Go to the other room and tap on the screen next to the escalators.
  • Enter the code ZCO, and they will start working so you can exit the Food Court.


Now you know how to solve Rooms & Exits Chapter 1 Level 12. I am sure that this walkthrough helped a lot, but if you still need extra help, don’t hesitate to comment below.

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