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Top 10 Hidden Object Games of 2012 for PC & Mac

My Favourite Top 10 Hidden Object Games 2012

In this post I have listed my top 10 hidden object games 2012 so far.
This list includes games with compelling, unique storylines.
As well as challenging engaging gameplay. With immersive atmosphere, helped by the beautiful artwork and soundtrack. Plus they all provide plenty of gameplay.

Providing hours of hidden object fun. All of which makes them well worth playing!
This top 10 list covers a variety of themes. Including detective, mystery, gardening and mystical hidden object games!

Top 10 Hidden Object Games 2012 List

All of these hidden object games are available to download for PC and Mac. A couple of the free demos can also be played in your browser. So you can try out these hidden object games online with no download required.

1. Grim Tales 2

By: Elephant Games.
Title: Grim Tales: The Legacy.
Release date: February 4 2012.

See also: Grim Tales 2: The Legacy Collector’s Edition – Review.

Review: An invitation to your nephew’s christening brings you to a seemingly deserted estate!
This is one of my top choices for hidden object games of 2012. With brilliant atmosphere including supernatural occurrences. A spooky storyline with a wolf and werewolves. This is a huge game to play. With plenty of excellent challenging gameplay.

Grim Tales The Legacy Review - Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure from Elephant Games
Grim Tales The Legacy – Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure from Elephant Games

2. Nightmares from the Deep

By: Artifex Mundi.
Title: Nightmares from the Deep: The Cursed Heart.
Release date: June 16 2012.

See also: Nightmares from the Deep Games from Artifex Mundi.

Review: An undead pirate has kidnapped your daughter in order to break a curse. And to bring back his long-lost love!
A fantastic pirate adventure with loads of games to play. Engaging storyline and brilliant animations.

3. Spirits of Mystery 2

By: ERS Game Studios.
Title: Spirits of Mystery: Song of the Phoenix.
Release date: May 12 2012.

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Review: Your aim is to aid the Princess of the Phoenix Kingdom find her kidnapped groom. And bring about an end of the centuries of war between the two kingdoms. An evil witch has abducted him. So that she can force an escape from her stone prison by preventing this union.
With unique puzzles and hidden object games. Hours of challenging gameplay. As well as amazing visuals and a lovely magical storyline!

4. Final Cut 1

By: Eipix Entertainment.
Title: Final Cut: Death on the Silver Screen.
Release date: June 23 2012.

See also: Final Cut Game Series List from Eipix.

Review: Another imaginative family drama. This time with your father a famous film director. Whose work you must unravel to save your brother from the same fate!
A beautiful backdrop of an Art Deco mansion. You have to solve the puzzles left by your famous father. In order to solve the mystery of your brother’s disappearance. A highly enjoyable HOG!

5. House of 1000 Doors 2

By: Alawar Games.
Title: House of 1000 Doors: The Palm of Zoroaster Collectors Edition.
Release date: May 5 2012.

See also: House of 1000 Doors Series from Alawar FiveBN.

Review: Another episode in the series. This time with a story of curses. And a mystical location full of threatening inhabitants! Good back story, location and graphics. This has an intriguing storyline and is a highly enjoyable game.

6. Gardenscapes: Mansion Makeover

By: Playrix.
Title: Gardenscapes: Mansion Makeover™.
Release date: May 2012.

Review: Another episode in the Gardenscapes series. This time you are to restore the hall of the mansion. To match the grandeur of the gardens.
An interior design themed hidden object game. And a brilliant game to play for makeover games fans!

7. Eternal Journey: New Atlantis

By: Alawar Games.
Title: Eternal Journey: New Atlantis.
Release date: July 2012.

Review: An archaeological adventure game that takes you from the deep-sea world of Atlantis. To outer-space and Mars!
A great story with interesting plot twists. And loads of puzzles and HO scenes to solve.

8. The Agency of Anomalies 2

By: Orneon.
Title: The Agency of Anomalies: Cinderstone Orphanage.
Release date: March 10 2012.

See also: The Agency of Anomalies Game Series from Orneon.

Review: A paranormal mystery adventure game. You are an agent at the Agency of Anomalies! Discover what has happened to the inhabitants of the Cinderstone orphanage.
Interesting mystery with some quite good puzzles to solve. And an engaging atmosphere.

9. Dark Strokes

By: Alawar Games.
Title: Dark Strokes: Sins of the Fathers.
Release date: April 2012.

See also: Dark Strokes Series List from Alawar Games.

Review: Fight the evil ‘Faceless Ones’ by helping Ethan Black. And search for clues to solve the mysteries of the dark city. In this chilling super natural love story!
Reasonably good HO and puzzles. But with an immersive and enjoyable adventure!

10. Surface 1

By: Elephant Games.
Title: Surface: Mystery of Another World.
Release date: February 2012.

See also: Surface Game Series List from Elephant Games.

Review: You’re on a coastal train ride when suddenly you find yourself travelling through a strange world. Weird things happen. Including your son mysteriously disappearing!
This mystery hidden object game has an engaging storyline. An atmosphere of suspense. And plenty of challenging gameplay. Travel through this immersive other-world to find him.

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