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Top 10 Best Word Games for PC & Mac to Download Today

best word puzzle games for PC

There are some great word games available for PC and Mac, even though we all know that most people play them on their mobile phones.

But if you want a larger screen or simply prefer playing them on your computer, I’ve got you covered! Today, I am here to share with you the best word games on PC.

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Top 10 Best Word PC & Mac Games

Let’s jump right in and check out the games below, in no particular order.

1. Bookworm Deluxe

Top 10 Best Word PC Games 3

We’ll spell it out for you: F-U-N! Link letters and build words in this wild word puzzler.

Lex, the Bookworm, feeds on words that you create by linking letters together. Fill his tummy and earn big points in return.

This classic game is turn-based, so you can take your time planning your moves. Watch yourself: burning red tiles threaten to set your library aflame.

You can read my previous article and learn how to play Bookworm Adventures and Deluxe online (for free).

2. Big Kahuna Words

Top 10 Best Word PC Games 7

This brilliant word game will have you diving between hammerhead sharks and other aquatic life while you use your words to break stone blocks in an explosive twist on puzzle gameplay.

Use the built-in level editor to expand your explorations of the underwater realms to an almost infinite number.

Two play modes, Action and Relaxed, both allow for you to discover the mighty Tiki Totem and earn rewards for your word-creation prowess.

Full version includes: 2 gameplay modes, 50 levels and built-in level editor.

3. Bookworm Adventures

Top 10 Best Word Games - BookWorm Adventures
BookWorm Adventures, still one of the best PC word games

Help Lex build words to battle monsters in a spelling sensation of epical proportions!

Spell words from a collection of letter tiles as you travel through three storybooks in pursuit of your friend Cassandra.

Vanquish villains, whomp foes and annihilate over 150 enemies. Increase your word power with fantastic gems, potions and magical treasures.

Add to your adventure exciting mini-games and brilliant bonus modes, and you`ll see why Bookworm Adventures is the ultimate test of vocabulary valor!

4. Crossword Puzzles

This game involves filling in a grid with words based on clues for each row and column, testing spelling and vocabulary.

Crossword Puzzles are known for their brain workout capabilities, enhancing memory and concentration.

5. Wordle Unlimited


You get unlimited tries to guess a hidden 5-letter word, with color feedback after each guess.

This version offers more continuous play compared to the original daily puzzle format of Wordle.

6. Dordle

A spin-off of Wordle, Dordle challenges you to guess two words at once within seven attempts.

Dordle, known as Double Wordle, increases the challenge by presenting two grids simultaneously for a heightened word-guessing experience.

7. Anti Wordle

The goal is to avoid guessing the right hidden word as many times as possible. Anti Wordle flips the traditional Wordle gameplay on its head, challenging players to strategically avoid correct guesses.

8. Outspell

outspell game

A game that blends word search and crossword mechanics to find as many words as possible.

Outspell offers a dynamic word-finding challenge, combining the thrill of a word search with the depth of a crossword puzzle.

9. Wordmeister

Similar to Scrabble, it involves squaring off against a computer opponent to place tiles and make words.

This game adds a unique twist with its computer-generated opponent that uses a wide and unexpected vocabulary, making each game a fresh challenge.

10. Codewords

codeword game

A crossword puzzle game where each letter is assigned a number, and you need to guess the letters to fill in the blanks.

It offers a unique blend of crossword and code-breaking elements, appealing to players who enjoy both wordplay and problem-solving.

More Great Games to Try/Play

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If you have other recommended word games for PC and Mac – titles that I have not shared above, please let us all know by commenting below.

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