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Maze of Realities Games in Order: Full Series Guide

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Maze of Realities Games In Order

This article details the list of the Maze of Realities games, listed in order for PC and Mobile. This is a relatively recent HOPA series created by Domini Games, but still beautiful.

I am listing below all the Maze of Realities games in order so that you can play them chronologically. I recommend starting with the PC games and then moving on to the mobile games for extra content.

Maze of Realities Game Series in Order

Here are the details for each of the games in the series, listed chronologically. I am starting with the ones listed on PC initially.

1. Maze of Realities: Flower Of Discord

Maze Of Realities Flower Of Discord

Release date: February 2022

Plot: You’re a missing person investigator. Your niece, along with her expedition members, has disappeared in the mountains in Greenland.

While looking for them, you open a portal to another world. But soon it turns out that there’s not only one world, but three: Arcalium, Atlantis, which is also known as the Underwater World, and the Parallel World!

The balance between them depends on the magic flower called Anima that grows in Arcalium – its pollen produces the oxygen that is vital for Atlantis. But a stranger from the outer world stole it… You are to find the intruder and return Anima!

This game is available as a PC download, but also on mobile.

2. Maze of Realities: Reflection of Light

Maze of Realities Reflection of Light

Release date: July 2022

Plot: A mysterious meteorite has crashed in the Grand Canyon, Arizona. Archaeologists rush there to examine the space rock, but an entire team goes missing.

You and your niece, Emma, are members of a search party. You arrive at the deserted camp to look for some clues, and suddenly, the meteorite teleports you to another universe!

Now you must explore the fascinating Worlds of Light and Shadow, look for hidden artifacts, and solve puzzles to find the archaeologists.

This game is available as a PC download, but also on mobile.

3. Maze of Realities: Ride in the Sky

Maze of Realities Ride in the Sky

Release date: January 2024

Plot: If you think the entire universe is limited to the seven wonders of the world, you are sorely mistaken! Just a trip to the Egyptian temple of Abu Gorab is enough to attest to that.

One by one, people have begun to mysteriously disappear at the excavation site… Any clue as to where they might have gone? If not, you’ll have to think of something on the way!

The job forces you to take an unexpected trip and find these poor souls… wherever they are.

And now, we’re going to focus on the Maze of Realities games available for Android and iPhone. I will NOT re-list the ones initially published for PC, then republished on mobile!

4. Maze of Realities: Episode 2 (The Alchemy of Magic)

Maze of Realities The Alchemy of Magic

Dive into The Alchemy of Magic, a mobile HOPA that blends loyalty, treachery, and love as you uncover the secrets of the Vortex Realm and the mystical giant turtles of Endermite.

The elusive captor of the magical giant turtles of the world of Endermite turned out to be the ruler of Vortex Realm, King Veneg. Concerned for his people’s welfare, his goal was to find a new home for them, since their native land is under threat of imminent destruction. 

Solve puzzles, crack brain teasers, and explore hidden object scenes to reveal the mystery behind the scientist’s disappearance.

5. Maze of Realities: Episode 3 (In Harmony with Nature)

In Harmony with Nature

The new game is set in the decaying world of Vortex and its ancient, unassailable palace ruled by a tyrant king.

A young alchemist, who seeks to restore his good name after being tricked by the king of Vortex Realm, has escorted us to the castle of the nefarious ruler.

Not only did the villain wound King Yeom of Endermite and enchant the wife of the scientist that was missing, but he also failed his own people with his dishonorable actions.

This great HOPA challenges you with riddles, brain teasers, puzzles, and crucial decisions that will shape your journey. Prepare to search, solve, and make choices that matter.

More HOPAs by Domini Games

If you enjoy playing the game in this series, I am sure you will also like others created by the same developers, Domini Games aka DO Games on mobile:

If you happen to stumble upon another game in the series before I am able to update this article, please comment below and let me know.

If you have other games you’d like to read about on the blog, don’t hesitate to contact me and let me know. This series list was written based on a suggestion of one of this website’s dear readers.

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