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Welcome to Primrose Lake: Games in Order

  • Vee R 
Welcome to Primrose Lake games in order

Let’s check out all the Welcome to Primrose Lake games in order. Created by GameHouse, this is one of their newer franchises which is doing really well on mobile especially. But it’s also available on PC.

Today, we’re looking at all the games in the Welcome to Primrose Lake series, listed in chronological order, so you know how to play them.

What happens when Northern Exposure meets Twin Peaks? Find out in Welcome to Primrose Lake!

Welcome to Primrose Lake Game Series in Order

From: GameHouse | Genres: Time Management, Mystery-Solving, Adventure Games

1. Welcome to Primrose Lake

Welcome to Primrose Lake Mystery Game for iPad iPhone Android
Welcome to Primrose Lake Mystery Game. The original.

Released: 2019

Plot: An idyllic town nestled in the Rocky Mountains, Primrose Lake is not as quaint as it seems.

When Jenny Carlyle hitches a ride from a total stranger, she quickly realizes something is seriously wrong.

No cell reception. No internet. Nothing to do but bide her time and try to stay out of trouble. It isn’t easy to do.

In Primrose Lake, trouble has a way of catching up to you! With minigames, various mystery scenes to solve and amazing Time Management greatness that only the experts from GameHouse can deliver, this is a title that you will surely love!

2. Welcome to Primrose Lake 2

Welcome to Primrose Lake 2

Released: 2021

Plot: The Primrose Lake Resort and Spa is finally open for business, and it brings with it a whole host of problems.

Chief among them is the Resort’s haughty proprietor, Persimmon Hollister. With her comes a whole new cast of characters that quickly turn Primrose Lake upside down!

Meanwhile, Jessica Carlyle dives deeper into her family’s mysterious history, trying desperately to solve the legacy of inexplicable deaths before anyone else dies or disappears.

3. Welcome to Primrose Lake 3

Welcome to Primrose Lake 3

Released: August 2022

Plot: Welcome to Primrose Lake 3 takes you down a winding road full of mystery, murder, and romance. Explore the picturesque town of Primrose Lake and see if you can unravel its mysteries.

Will Rebecca find the hidden treasure? Will Jenny follow her heart? Who is lurking in the shadows and what are their plans?

Find out by playing this game and completing its 70 amazing levels!

4. Welcome to Primrose Lake 4

Welcome to Primrose Lake 4

Released: June 2023

Plot: With winter coming and an enemy of the Carlyle family vanishing, Jessica distracts herself by renovating the old Carlyle Manor, unaware of the long-buried secrets it holds.

Uncover the mysteries lurking within the manor and help the townsfolk brave the harshest winter yet. Brand new approach, with minigames and other fun stuff.

5. Welcome to Primrose Lake 5

Welcome to Primrose Lake 5

Released: January 2024

Plot: Highly anticipated sequel. Probably the best game in the series so far – at least I like it the most.

Welcome to Primrose Lake 5 presents the final chapter of this riveting series!

As the snow melts, the long-guarded secret of the Carlyle family is finally revealed! As the story unfolds, the whole town bands together to save Jessica from David McGovern while chaos surrounds Jenny and Matt’s wedding.

Guide the heroines and ensure a happy ending in this epic finale!

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If a new game in the Welcome to Primrose Lake is launched before I get the chance to update this article, please let me know. I don’t think we’ll see a Welcome to Primrose Lake 6 since the fifth was presented as the final one… but you never know!

Also, don’t hesitate to comment and share your thoughts about this amazing Time Management series, and let us know which is your favorite so far.

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