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Spirit Legends Series by Domini Games

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Spirit Legends 1 The Forest Wraith

This post details all of the games in the Spirit Legends game series by Domini Games.

With hidden object, puzzle and adventure (HOPA) game play.

Available for PC, Mac and Fire tablet download – free demos and full version. Including Collector’s Editions – for bonus content, more game play and extra features.

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May 2021 Update: Spirit Legends 5 now out.

Spirit Legends Game Series

From: Domini Games | Genres: Mystery, Adventure, Hidden Object, Puzzle.

Spirit Legends game series in order: 1. The Forest Wraith | 2. Solar Eclipse | 3. Time for Change | 4. Finding Balance | 5. The Aeon Heart

1. The Forest Wraith

Released: November 2018.

Plot: When your father’s injured hunting forest monsters in your hometown, you rush to his aid! When you arrive, however, you quickly realize that there’s something much larger than a few rogue creatures at play. It’s only a matter of time before…

Spirit Legends 1 The Forest Wraith from Domini Games
Spirit Legends Game Series 1. The Forest Wraith by Domini Games

For more details, see my post: Spirit Legends 1: The Forest Wraith.

Play Spirit Legends on Tablet
Chapters 1 to 3 now available on Amazon for: Fire Tablet (US) or Fire Tablet (UK).

2. Solar Eclipse

Spirit Legends Game Series 2. Solar Eclipse
Spirit Legends Game Series
2. Solar Eclipse

Released: June 2019.

Plot: Your fellow monster hunter has gone missing, and it’s your duty to find him!

But you quickly find that this is no ordinary hunt and rescue mission.

Dangerous trolls are wandering the countryside, bent on kidnapping the innocent and covering the land in eternal night!

With the help of your wife and your trusted Bestiary, can you tame animals and stop the trolls before it’s too late?

3. Time for Change

Spirit Legends Game Series 3. Time for Change
Spirit Legends Game Series
3. Time for Change

Released: December 2019.

Plot: It’s a trial by fire when a mysterious masked man declares war on Monster Hunters Academy on your first day!

Dangerous monsters roam the halls, and nobody is safe, not even your mother, Professor Helen Lyngren.

But who is this masked madman, and what caused his hatred of spirits…

And those who cooperate with them?

Play Spirit Legends on Tablet
Chapters 1 to 3 now available on Amazon for: Fire Tablet (US) or Fire Tablet (UK).

4. Finding Balance

Released: January 2021.

Plot: Aileen was just accepted into the Guardians of Harmony, but her first meeting with the king didn’t go quite as planned. Now, with a mysterious assassin on the loose, a dark brotherhood making shadowy plans, and someone enslaving the most powerful spirits, Aileen is caught in the middle of a revenge plot that threatens to tear the kingdom apart! Grab your Bestiary, master your spells, and bring your searching skills as you guide Aileen through this tangled web of intrigue in this fantastic new Hidden-Object Puzzle Adventure!

5. The Aeon Heart

Released: May 2021.

Plot: Your artificial heart transplant was a success! Now it’s time for you to visit your scientist uncle for a check-up. But when you arrive, you see your uncle kidnapped by a mysterious, mystical Order! It seems that not everyone trusts the combination of magic and science, and they’ll use dangerous mythical creatures to keep anyone from standing in their way! Can you use a powerful Bestiary to tame the wild beasts and save both your uncle and the Spirits in time? Find out in this spell-binding Hidden-Object Puzzle adventure!

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