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Detectives United Game Series

Detectives United game series listed in order of release

This post details the Detectives United game series, from Elephant Games.

Including standard versions and Collector’s Edition releases (which includes bonus content, more game play and extra features). Listed in order of release.

These hidden object detective games are available for PC and Mac download with free demos.

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December 2020 Update: Detectives United 4 now out for computer.

February 2021 Update: Detectives United 4 now out for Android and Amazon Fire.

Detectives United Game Series

From: Elephant Games | Genres: Detective, Hidden Object, Puzzle, Adventure, HOPA.

Detectives United series: 1. Origins | 2. The Darkest Shrine | 3. Timeless Voyage | 4. Phantoms of the Past

1. Origins

Detectives United 1. Origins
Detectives United 1. Origins

Released: August 2018.

Plot: Someone has been stealing mystical artifacts and it’s going to take the skills of three legendary detectives to solve the crime.

Join Mystery Trackers’ Agent Brown, Haunted Hotel’s James Blackthorne, and Grim Tales’ Anna Gray as they join forces to stop The Collector before he creates an object of unimaginable power.

Can you help them defeat his evil scheme?

For more details, see my Detectives United 1: Origins – Review.

2. The Darkest Shrine

Detectives United 2. The Darkest Shrine
Detectives United
2. The Darkest Shrine

Released: May 2019.

Plot: Your favorite detectives have teamed up for another mystery and this one spans the globe!

James, Anna, and the Mystery Trackers each rush to investigate paranormal activity related to places from their past cases.

Meanwhile, a dark organization looms over them all, threatening to take them out, one-by-one. Will they survive, or will this be their final case?

3. Timeless Voyage

Released: February 2020.

Plot: Detectives… Divided? Detectives United is scattered to the wind when Dark Anna returns and sends James Blackthorne, Anna Gray, and Agent Brown into the past, present, and future against their wills, with no way back! Now, with their futures held hostage, they’re each on a mission to find a specific artifact. They have no choice but to follow Dark Anna’s directives for now, but what is she planning, and how can they prevent it? Help Detectives United outwit the villainous Dark Anna to find out, in this time-spanning hidden-object puzzle adventure game!

Detectives United 3. Timeless Voyage
Detectives United 3. Timeless Voyage by Elephant Games

4. Phantoms of the Past

Released: December 2020.

Plot: Plot: Agent Brown went on an investigation, but no news came from him for two months. Agent Shade gives a secret folder to his partner detectives – it contains the information about Agent Brown’s case. Anna Gray and James go to a quiet and peaceful town, Restville. Who would have thought that this adventure prepares a serious danger for the detectives? [Source: Amazon]

All of Elephant Games’ Hidden Object Game Apps are available from US Amazon and UK Amazon for Amazon Fire.

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