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Hallowed Legends from Elephant Games

  • Vee R 
Hallowed Legends Game Series Order 2. Templar

This Hallowed Legends game series order list.
Includes all of the Collector’s Edition (CE) games.
In this Elephant Games’ hidden object puzzle adventure series.

Available on computer for PC and Mac.

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Hallowed Legends Series Order

From: Elephant Games.
Publisher: Big Fish Games.
Genres: Detective, Mystery, Hidden Object, Puzzle.

1. Samhain

Hallowed Legends Game Series Order 1. Samhain
Hallowed Legends Game Series
Order 1. Samhain

PC release: 2011.

Plot: Celtic folklore seems to be more truth than lore when the Samhain festival goers disappear!

Find the missing people and save the day in this exciting Adventure game!

Battle the gods of yore to restore the seasons and repair time in Hallowed Legends: Samhain.

Depart on a fantastic adventure and learn the secrets behind an ancient Gaelic festival!

2. Templar

Hallowed Legends Game Series Order 2. Templar
Hallowed Legends Series
2. Templar

PC release: 2011.

Plot: Strange figures have taken over a small town in Hallowed Legends: Templar!

Stop the Knights of the Templar in this exciting Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!

Travel to your brother and his wife’s hometown and take on an incredible mystery.

Scour gorgeous scenes and search for important clues.

As you track down the terrifying evildoer and save the entire town in Hallowed Legends: The Templar!

3. Ship of Bones

PC release: 2013.

Plot: You’ve just crash-landed near the village of Erlenbourg, where a ghostly figure has been stealing souls. Follow the trail of the mysterious woman in white and discover the secret behind her terrible task! Once you find the Book of Fire, you’ll have fun matching its relics to the game world, in a special added feature of Hallowed Legends: Ship of Bones.

Hallowed Legends Game Series Order 3. Ship of Bones for PC Mac
Hallowed Legends Game Series Order 3. Ship of Bones for PC Mac

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