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Dark City Series: All Games Listed in Order

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Dark Series Games in Order

This post details the Dark City series, listing in order of release all the games launched by 4Friends Games and Friendly Fox Studios.

This is a long-lasting hidden object puzzle adventure series with plenty of games released over the years. If you like any of them, it’s a great idea to try them all since they’re equally great.

Now, let’s jump straight into the series itself and check out all the Dark City games listed in order.

Dark City Series List

From: 4Friends Games/Friendly Fox Studios | Genres: Detective, Mystery, Hidden Object, Puzzle.

Dark City series – all games: 1. London | 2. Munich | 3. Vienna | 4. Dublin | 5. Budapest | 6. Paris | 7. International Intrigue | 8. Kyiv

1. Dark City: London

dark city London

Released: November 2017.

Plot: London is about to celebrate the opening of the world’s largest clock tower. Until a headless ghost appears, threatening to destroy London and murder hundreds at the opening ceremony.

Investigate the dark alleys and gather clues to hunt down the killer. And unlock the deadly secrets hidden inside the clock tower.

Can you save London? Find out in this Victorian hidden-object puzzle adventure game!

For more details, see my: Dark City 1: London Review.

2. Dark City: Munich

Dark City Series List from 4Friends
Dark City: Munich, from 4Friends.

Released: November 2018.

Plot: It’s Oktoberfest time in Munich, Germany, the biggest celebration of the year! But this year, the festivities are being spoiled by a series of violent attacks.

The witnesses claim that werewolves are responsible, but that can’t be true, can it? Track down the clues and discover the truth for yourself in this clever hidden-object adventure game!

3. Dark City: Vienna

Dark City Series Vienna New out September 2019
Dark City Series Game 3. Vienna, out September 2019

Released: September 2019.

Plot: When a masked assailant wreaks havoc on a theater in Vienna, you rush to investigate. You quickly arrive to find that this is no ordinary criminal.

A dangerous phantom has descended on the local opera house, promising swift justice for past wrongs! This theater is filled with history and secrets.

With the lives of both patrons and performers at stake, time is of the essence!

Do you have what it takes to uncover the deadly secrets surrounding the opera and unmask the malevolent entity before it’s too late?

4. Dark City: Dublin

dark city Dublin

Released: March 2020.

Plot: It’s almost St. Patrick’s Day, but a string of mysterious robberies threatens to ruin Dublin’s celebration!

Witnesses claim that the perpetrator is no mere mortal but a mischievous leprechaun. As you investigate, you find more than just stories behind their claims.

With a strange presence tracing your every move, can you find the culprit and save the holiday in time? Find out in this marvelous Hidden-Object Puzzle adventure!

5. Dark City: Budapest

Dark City Budapest

Released: October 2020 | From: Friendly Fox Studios.

Plot: A stranger’s request brings you to Budapest for a case that promises to shake the city to its core!

A series of nighttime attacks have shown suspicious evidence that vampires have returned to prowl the city streets.

But as you and your new friend and partner, Agatha, quickly discover, something doesn’t add up.

Do vampires roam the streets and alleys of Budapest at night, or is someone hiding something even more sinister? Gather your wits and prepare for the hunt in this blood-chilling Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure!

6. Dark City: Paris

Dark city Paris

Released: October 2021 | From: Friendly Fox Studios.

Plot: When ghost sightings in Paris threaten to ruin the World Expo, only a detective of your caliber can crack the case!

Someone’s using ghosts to terrorize Parisians, and recent scientific advancements only seem to make them stronger.

With both the Expo and the city itself on the line, can you uncover who’s behind the dangerous attacks and stop them before it’s too late? Find out in this electrifying Hidden-Object Puzzle adventure!

7. Dark City: International Intrigue

Dark City International Intrigue

Released: October 2022 | From: Friendly Fox Studios.

Plot: When mysterious fires break out across New York City, Agatha, the preeminent detective, takes the case only to find that the destructive flames are just the beginning!

With rumored sightings of the legendary Phoenix throughout the city, chaos erupting in major cities across the world, and famous magician Harry Houdini as her prime suspect, Agatha certainly has her work cut out for her.

Could the master of illusion really be responsible, or is something darker behind the devastation? There’s only one way to find out!

8. Dark City: Kyiv

Dark City Kyiv

Released: September 2023 | From: Friendly Fox Studios.

Plot: When an investigation of a suspected spiritualist fraud comes up empty, events unfold to reveal a much darker and more complex underbelly of the magic city of Kyiv.

You’ll play as a renowned detective in a city of secrets, paranormal circumstances, and mistrust as you struggle to learn who to trust among your friends and locals.

Things take an unexpected turn when your investigation points to the existence of supernatural inhabitants of Kyiv and someone or something that wants them out of the way.

I think that this game is obviously a homage brought to Ukraine, and a good one for sure, so let’s all support the developers by playing this game!

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