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Roblox: Fruit Battlegrounds Redeem Codes [Working January 2023]

Roblox Fruit Battleground Working Codes1

Fruit Battlegrounds is a Roblox game that is getting more fans each day, and with more fans, the devs are celebrating by giving us all more codes to redeem for cool rewards.

Today I’ll share with you all the codes for Roblox – Fruit Battlegrounds that can be redeemed and are still working in January, so you can have even more fun in the game.

Make sure you don’t misspell them and use caps lock when you redeem them, otherwise they will not work.

Also, make sure to move quickly and redeem them ASAP. These might stop working without any prior notice, so now that you’re getting these codes below, don’t delay redeeming them!

Roblox Fruit Battlegrounds Working Codes for January 2023

Roblox Fruit Battleground Working Codes

Here are the Fruit Battlegrounds working codes that you can redeem to get various amounts of gems to use in the game as you see fit:

  • 15KNOWAY – Redeem to get 550 free gems
  • 20KCRAZY – Redeem to get 550 free gems 
  • 25KINSANE!! – Redeem to get 450 free gems
  • 40KDAMN – Redeem to get 350 free gems
  • 50KINSANE – Redeem to get 350 free gems
  • 60KLETSGOOOO – Redeem to get free gems
  • 2KLETSGOOO – Redeem to get 450 free gems
  • 3KTHXBRO – Redeem to get 450 free gems
  • 4KGANGO – Redeem to get 450 free gems
  • 5KSQUAD – Redeem to get 450 free gems
  • 7KTEAM – Redeem to get 450 free gems
  • THXFOR10K – Redeem to get 300 free gems
  • PRESENT4YOU – Redeem to get 700 free gems
  • WUPDATEORNAH – Redeem to get 600 free gems
  • SORRY4SHUTDOWN – Redeem to get 650 free gems
  • MAGMALETSGOO – Redeem to get 500 free gems

Free gems will definitely make your experience better in the game as you can use them for all those premium goodies that you always wanted to get.

Don’t forget to double-check your spelling and keep the upper case on, to make sure they are working.

If you got more codes that I didn’t cover in this article, feel free to mention them in the comments section below, so that other readers can get them as well. Please let me know if any of the codes above no longer work, so I can remove them from the list.

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How to Redeem Roblox Fruit Battlegrounds Codes?

Roblox Fruit Battleground redeem codes

There’s nothing easier than to redeem these codes for Fruit Battlegrounds in Roblox. Just follow my instructions to make sure you do it right:

  • Open Roblox Fruit Battleground
  • Go to the bottom left of the screen to the Codes window
  • Write the code you want exactly as is written above
  • Click Redeem

Make sure you spell it right and use upper-case letters, otherwise they might not work.

So try them again if that happens, but if you still have trouble with them, it’s also possible they expired, so try another one. And let me know which code no longer works, so I can remove it from the list.

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How to Find More Roblox Fruit Battlegrounds Working Codes?

The easiest way to follow the updates on codes for Fruit Battlegrounds in Roblox is to bookmark this page and check it regularly as I will update it at least on a monthly basis with new codes.

I also encourage you to write any new ones you might find in the comment section below.

Another easy way to follow new codes for Fruit Battlegrounds is to follow the creator on his Twitter account @ZakSSJ.


You now have all the codes for Roblox Fruit Battlegrounds that are still working in December. Make sure to claim them all to grab your free diamonds – these codes can expire without notice, and you shouldn’t miss out on those great rewards!

Just remember that spelling is important when writing the codes and upper-case is important as well. Double-check the code to make sure you write it correctly to avoid any errors in claiming your reward.

However, if any of the codes above no longer work, let me know by commenting below. Also, let me know if you manage to find any new codes that I haven’t shared above already.

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