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Beyond: Light Advent – Review

  • Vee R 
Beyond: Light Advent Collectors Edition iOS Sci-Fi HOPA Game App

Review of Beyond: Light Advent.
This first chapter in a hidden object sci-fi adventure.
From Mad Head Games.
For PC, Mac, tablet and phone.

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New Sci-Fi HO Adventure

From: Mad Head Games.
Publisher: Big Fish Games.
Genres: Sci-Fi, Mystery, Hidden Object, Puzzle.

Beyond: Light Advent

PC release: July 2015.

Plot: As a child, you had a wonderful imaginary friend from outer space. Nix taught you about the stars and inspired you become an astronomer. Years later, while investigating a mysterious object in the sky, you discover that your imaginary friend was real all along! He’s come to warn Earth of a terrible threat – a merciless race of aliens is fast approaching, and you and Nix are the only ones who can stop them. Can you save both your friend’s planet and your own in time? Your journey will take you into the past and beyond the stars in this thrilling Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!

Beyond: Light Advent Collector's Edition - New Sci-Fi Adventure Game App
Beyond: Light Advent Collector’s Edition – New Sci-Fi Adventure Game App

Beyond: Light Advent Collector’s Edition – Features

  • They are the Hunger, and they are COMING! What you thought was a meteorite crashing down near the town of Arrowhead was really a spaceship. The World Eaters have landed, and they do not come in peace.
  • Can you save our world from destruction? Battle these nasty aliens through a sci-fi world of vivid hidden object scenes.
  • Collect crystals for your high-tech bracelet. Unleash the power of the stars to solve intricate puzzles and cosmic mini-games.
  • Travel to a distant world in the BONUS CHAPTER. See where Nix came from and enjoy additional Collector’s Edition exclusives including collectible Rocket symbols, morphing objects, and more!


The first chapter in a sci-fi HOPA series. This has an interesting storyline, plenty of good game play, an unusual soundtrack and a cinematic feel to it. With a reasonable amount of challenge this is a fun and entertaining sci-fi fantasy adventure game.

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