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Mad Head Games News on!

The best games from Mad Head Games. Including hidden object game reviews, top new releases, game updates and sales. For computer on PC and Mac. And on smart phone and tablet. Including iPhone and iPad.

For some top games from Mad Head for PC, Mac, iPad and iPhone. Check out my Nevertales Game Series post. One of my top 10 best ever HO series recommendations!

Rite of Passage 9: Bloodlines

Rite of Passage 9 Bloodlines Collectors Edition

Rite of Passage 9: Bloodlines Collector’s Edition new out on Big Fish.

The next spine-chilling chapter in Mad Head Games’ hidden object adventure series.

This is a Collector’s Edition release for PC and Mac, which includes bonus content and extra features.

For the full series list so far, listed in order of release. And for more top Mad Head HOPA games, see my posts below.

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Wanderlust Adventure Series

Wanderlust Adventure Series List in Order by Mad Head

This post details the games in the Wanderlust adventure series, listed in order. Including today’s release of chapter 3.

With standard versions and collector’s editions for PC and Mac download.

Collector’s editions have bonus content, a strategy guide, more game play and other cool extras!

For more hidden object games lists by Mad Head Games. See my posts below.

February 2021 Update: Chapter 4 now out.

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Fright Chasers Game Series List

Fright Chasers series

This post details the games in the Fright Chasers series.

With hidden object mystery adventure games.

For PC and Mac download. Including Collector’s Editions with extra content, more game play and bonus features.

From top developers, Mad Head Games.

For more Mad Head series lists, see my posts below.

May 2020 Update: Fright Chasers 4 now out for computer.

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Dawn of Hope Game Series

Dawn of Hope Game Series from Mad Head Games

This Dawn of Hope game series list.
Includes all of the games in the hidden object adventure series. From Mad Head Games. Including the latest releases.
Available to download and play on PC and Mac. Chapter 1 is also available on iPad and iPhone.
June 2018 Update: Dawn of Hope 3 now out for PC and Mac. And Dawn of Hope 2 now out for iOS.

For more top Mad Head series lists. See my posts included below.

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Beyond Game Series from Mad Head Games

Beyond Game Series Sci-Fi HOPA Games from Mad Head

This post includes the complete Beyond game series.
Listed in order of release.

A sci-fi hidden object puzzle adventure series.
Available on PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android and Amazon Fire.

For more games series from Mad Head, see my list of posts included below.

August 2018 Update: Chapter 2 now on Android and Amazon Fire.  And chapter 3 now out for PC and Mac.

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