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Top Games Based on TV Detective Shows!

TV Detective Games Castle

This top 10 list includes ten of the best games based on TV detective shows.

Mostly inspired by US police and crime-solving shows.

These are puzzle, hidden object and adventure games.

Available to play on PC, Mac, iOS, Android and Fire phones and tablets!

Check out my list of posts below for details of each of the games inspired by TV detectives!

10 Top TV Detective Games

Genres: Detective, Mystery, Adventure, Hidden Object, Puzzle.

1. Psych Hidden Object Game

From: Legacy Games.
Released: March 2014.

Psych Hidden Object TV Detective Game for PC
Psych Hidden Object TV Detective Game for PC

For more details, see my post: Psych Hidden Object Game for PC.

2. James Patterson Women’s Murder Club Games

From: Floodlight Games.
Publisher: I-play.
For more details, see my post: Women’s Murder Club Games for PC, Mac and NDS.

3. Castle – Hidden Object Game

Game Title: Castle: Never Judge a Book by It’s Cover.
From: Game Mill Entertainment/Gunnar Games.
For more details, see my post: Castle Hidden Object Game Review for PC and Mac.

4. Criminal Minds Game for PC

From: Legacy Games & Mad Games Studios.
For more details, see my post: Criminal Minds Game Review for PC.

5 and 6. Murder, She Wrote 1 and 2

From: Legacy Games/Clayowo Games.
Both of the MSW games are included in this top 10. For my reviews of each game, see my post: Murder, She wrote Games for PC and Mac.

7. Miss Fisher & the Deathly Maze

Inspired by the glamorous sleuth, Miss Fisher. And the Australian crime-solving TV show, set in the 1920s.
From: Tin Man Games.
For more details, see my post: Miss Fisher & the Deathly Maze.

8. NCIS: Hidden Crimes by Ubisoft

From: Ubisoft.
Released: September 2016.
For more details, see my post: NCIS: Hidden Crimes for Amazon Fire.

9. The X-Files Deep State Game

From: Creative Mobile.
iOS release: February 2018.
For more details, see my post: X-Files Deep State Game for iOS.

10. Danger Mouse: The Danger Games

From: 9th Impact.
Genres: Racing, Real-Time, Action, Arcade, Party.
Not strictly a police game, but as Danger Mouse is the world’s greatest secret agent, in the pursuit of fighting crime! I thought I’d add this in my top 10 list.
For more details, see my post: Danger Mouse Game for Nintendo Switch.

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