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A List of Champions for Beginners in League of Legends

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A List of Champions for Beginners in League of Legends

Are you new to League of Legends and confused about which champion will help you excel in your game? You don’t have to worry much, as in this guide, we have circled out the best features of simple yet powerful players!

So what are you waiting for? Jump in to know all you need for a great gaming experience in League of Legends!

Top 8 Champions to Boost the Game of Beginners in League of Legends Video Game

League attracts a lot of new players over the years. League of Legends is still one of the best competitive games available, despite its age and the intimidating scene it has developed.

Therefore, it should not be surprising that many new players struggle to establish themselves in such a complicated universe due to its large champion pool.

The frequently common question of newbies is:

  • Who are the best and easiest champions for new players in League of Legends? 
  • A comprehensive list of LOL best players who meet beginners’ needs is provided below.


Being a beginner, your first impression of Blitz will be to attract an opposing Champion to your squad.

His passive shield protects him from harm when his health is low, and his straightforward Ultimate fires an energy burst that momentarily silences all around enemies giving you an edge in your game.

Next, Blitz throws them into the air to keep the dragged player still for a bit longer. In team fights, this pull eliminates opponents, as Blitz can move quickly to reach near before pulling.


She is relatively simple for you to use because most of her damage comes from her basic attacks, making her playstyle reasonably straightforward.

Her game style is effortless for you to understand, even if you aren’t quite a pro player. She can cast a net that always moves her backward and shoot a long, straight bullet that can damage and clear minions.

She only needs to point and click to set traps, and since her Ultimate is a lock-on, she doesn’t even need to aim to target an object.

Master Yi

Yi can heal himself in place, which reduces the damage he suffers by half. His primary spell serves as the center of his other episodes.

After doing so, he can mark a nearby target with Alpha Strike to quickly strike up to three visible targets.

During this assault, he cannot be struck by foes, and his Ultimate and E support the empowerment and reset of Alpha Strike. Yi only needs to increase his attack speed to be ready to go.


One of the League’s initial Champions, Sivir hasn’t seen many alterations due to her straightforward powers. She is one of the more adaptable ADCs because she can shelter herself from harm with a shield that deflects an opposing spell.

Simple to understand, her ultimate shortens the cooldown of her other spells when she attacks and speeds up her and her allies’ movement.

Her additional spells include a straight-throwing boomerang toss and a unique basic strike that hits several targets.


Morgana is the kind of mage whom you can deploy as support or mid-layer because of her binds and potential damage yield. She can fire a magic blast in a straight line that binds anything it hits.

When she walks into the enemy team and uses Zhonya’s Hourglass, she can use her Ultimate to bind the entire team.

She only needs to click to lay a devastating pool on the ground and apply a magic shield to herself or others. The fact that this shield has a point-and-click ability is its most vital feature that can enhance your gaming experience.

Miss Fortune 

If you are a new player, you will be shocked to play Miss Fortune and learn how simple she is because an AD Carry is typically regarded as challenging. She is a lane bully with a well-defined strategy and the tools to carry it out with little effort.

She is still an AD-Carry. Therefore, mechanics are needed to use her equipment well. It typically only takes a few games before novice players learn how to exploit her power spikes for quick victories.

But the earlier they may start learning these crucial skills, the better for new players.


Lux isn’t a simple character but rather one who is both straightforward and instructive for inexperienced players. Lux’s equipment is made to be used best by one who can lead well and hit targets with skill shots when they are in low health.

Although this could initially seem intimidating, you will rapidly pick up the skills necessary to make slow skill shots and benefit from it. Making progress while learning is needed, and Lux is the ideal person to help with that.


Due to the AD carry’s companionship and its champions’ straightforward game strategy, Soraka has remained one of the most beginner-friendly roles in League of Legends since the meta’s inception.

It is also true of Soraka, who excels in support play thanks to his crowd-control prowess, intense healing, and lane poke. She may seem straightforward, but once you train her, she may teach newbies a lot about the nuances of the support role.

Soraka excels in both support phases, which are simple to learn but challenging to master.

An Overview

A champion’s preference depends on many factors, so the tag of “best” is incredibly subjective.

However, this guide will help you understand which winners were chosen by most players and probably help you select an ideal champion for yourself. This game is best for those who have the time and brains to understand it to the core. 

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