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The World Mosaics Games by Fugazo

The World Mosaics Game Series by Fugazo for PC and Mac

This post details the World Mosaics game series.

From Fugazo.

Listed in order of release.

World Mosaic brain-teasers combines the game mechanics of Minesweeper and Sudoku for PC and Mac download.

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World Mosaics Game Series

From: Fugazo.
Genres: Pictographic Puzzle Games, Mosaics, Brain-Teaser.

World Mosaics 1

Released: 2008.

Plot: Dr. Remington has unearthed a relic of the mysterious Pelasgians. To truly discover and unravel the mystery of an ancient civilization, you must travel to the city of the majestic Parthenon, Greece! Work your way through seven exotic locations in Story mode or tackle over 100 puzzles in an extra puzzle mode. Safeguard the history of World Mosaics in this globe-trotting Adventure.

World Mosaics 2

Released: 2009.

Plot: Return to the puzzle adventure that takes you around the world! Having tracked the origins of the Sea People to the legendary city of Atlantis, the power of a magical hourglass has taken you back through time in World Mosaics 2! Solve your way through the Puzzles of the Jurassic period, through the Dawn of Civilization, to the glorious Renaissance, as you restore the hourglass of the Pelasgians and return to your own time!

World Mosaics 3: Fairy Tales

Released: 2010.

Plot: After restoring Atlantis, you discover a magical book that sends you on a journey through literature in World Mosaics 3 – Fairy Tales! Solve pictographic puzzles on your way through the stories of the Frog Prince, Babe the Blue Ox, Sleeping Beauty, and other classics as you restore the magical book and return home in this fun and exciting Puzzle game! Dive into your favorite Fairy Tales and return home!

World Mosaics Game List 3. Fairy Tales
World Mosaics Game List 3. Fairy Tales

World Mosaics 4

Released: 2011.

Plot: The Atlantis World Museum has risen from the depths of the ocean. However, all the exhibits have been completely destroyed! Travel back in time and solve pictographic Puzzles to restore the lost artifacts. Journey from the Pharaoh’s Tomb, to the Silk Road, to Stonehenge andother exciting locales as you restore the Atlantis World Museum in World Mosaics 4!

World Mosaics 5

Released: 2011.

Plot: After restoring the Atlantis World Museum you have been accepted into the Grand Pelasgian University to become an apprentice in Chronology in World Mosaics 5! Solve pictographic puzzles while learning about the origins of Mardi Gras, Oktoberfest, Chinese New Year, and other world holidays as you progress throughout your classes. Complete your courses and solve the puzzles to succeed in World Mosaics 5!

World Mosaics 6

Released: 2012.

Plot: The hourglass of time has been stolen by the infamous cat burglar La Forge! Solve pictographic puzzles as you travel across the globe and through time itself. Journey through critical points in history from the Napoleonic wars to the birth of the United States. It’s up to you solve the puzzles and stop La Forge in World Mosaics 6!

World Mosaics 7

Released: 2013.

Plot: A shadow criminal has stolen the Sand within the Hourglass of Time from the Agency of Atlantis! Solve pictographic puzzles as you travel the globe in search of a rogue agent. Repair the fabric of time as you travel to the Galapagos Islands, Indonesia, the Amazon, and many more exciting locales. It’s up to you to solve the puzzles and stop the rogue agent in World Mosaics 7!

World Mosaics Chroma

Released: 2014.
Sorry no longer available to play.

World Mosaics 8: Fiction Fixers

Released: 2016.

Plot: The evil Victor Vile has stolen several classic stories from the Halls of Fiction. Solve pictographic puzzles as you travel through classic stories such as Beauty & the Beast, Swan Lake, Aladdin, and more in order to fix the fiction. It’s up to you to solve the puzzles and save the stories in World Mosaics 8: Fiction Fixers!

World Mosaics Game Series 8. Fiction Fixers
World Mosaics Game Series 8. Fiction Fixers

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