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Fantasy Mosaics Games from 1 to 15

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Fantasy Mosaics Games 3. Distant Worlds

Match Gems’ Fantasy Mosaics games list.
In order of release.

This list (part 1) and includes chapters 1 to 15.

For Amazon Fire, PC and Mac download.

For details of the other Fantasy Mosaics games, from chapter 16. See my posts included below.

Fantasy Mosaics Games List Part 1

This list of Fantasy Mosaics games is part 1 in the series. And includes chapters 1 to 15. Listed in order of first release date (on Android). With links to downloads for Fire, PC and Mac. Including free demos for PC and Mac. All of these games are also available on Android and iOS.

From: Andy Jurko (Match Gems).
Genres: Casual, Indie, Puzzle Games.

1. Fantasy Mosaics

Released: November 2013.

Description: Enjoy a variety of nonogram mosaic puzzles and restore the fantasy garden! Embark on your fantasy journey to distant lands and experience this new exciting collection of mosaic puzzles through 100 custom-built levels. Brimming with even more challenging larger puzzles and great power-ups, Fantasy Mosaics will take you to new heights on this magical adventure. [Source: Amazon]

Fantasy Mosaics 2

Released: March 2014.

Description: Your journey to the fantasy land continues with this new fun collection of mosaics puzzles! Discover the fantasy images intricately woven into 100 custom-built levels and enjoy new innovative features that enhance the gameplay and add to the fun. [Source: Amazon]

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3. Distant Worlds

Released: July 2014.

Description: Solve a variety of mosaics puzzles to help restore a beautiful garden destroyed by a dark wizard that came from a distant alien world. Take a journey across the universe and restore the garden to its former glory! Enjoy spectacular scenes of alien landscapes. [Source: Amazon]

4. Art of Color

Released: September 2014.

Description: Experience a world of multi-color mosaics puzzles! This exciting innovation opens up a whole new dimension of fun and challenge. Discover beautiful vivid images cleverly hidden in the pattern of numbers and colors. Embrace the new fun challenge of mosaics and take a journey across the new fantasy landscape to help our penguin find his soul mate. [Source: Amazon]

Fantasy Mosaics 5

Released: November 2014.

Description: Challenge your mind with this new collection of mosaics puzzles and have fun discovering beautiful images in rainbow colors! Staying true to the multi-color gameplay. This new installment features stunning background art coupled with exciting custom-built puzzles based solely on logic. Come join our penguin on a quest to turn an abandoned mystery place into a beautiful fantasy garden and make it a home for his family! [Source: Amazon]

6. Into the Unknown

Released: January 2015.

Description: Experience this new installment of mosaics puzzles in rainbow colors! Enjoy new features include an improved map layout that shows your achievements along with puzzle images! Join our penguin on a journey to explore a mysterious alien world and meet its inhabitants. [Source: Amazon]

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7. Our Home

Released: February 2015.

Description: This time you join our penguin family on a new adventure to decorate their house on an alien planet and prepare for the upcoming baby penguin! [Source: Amazon]

8. New Adventure

Released: March 2015.

Description: This time the penguin family goes on vacation to a fantasy forest full of wonders and amazing discoveries. Use your skill and intuition to turn logic-based puzzles into a gallery of stunning images in color! [Source: Amazon]

9. Portal in the Woods

Released: May 2015.

Description: Follow the penguin through a portal in the woods to a mysterious world and help him find a way back home. On your journey, you will experience a new collection of colorful images hidden in patterns of mosaic and numbers. Challenge your mind with this new installment of mosaic puzzles and enjoy the journey through a mystery portal in the woods. [Source: Amazon]

10. Time Travel

Released: July 2015.

Description: Take a time journey to an amazing land of dinosaurs and help the penguin meet unpredictable ancient creatures. Make discoveries of the world’s inhabitants while enjoying new mosaic challenges built-in rainbow colors. Follow the logic of numbers and complete your gallery of multi-color images! [Source: Amazon]

11. Fleeing from Dinosaurs

Released: August 2015.

Description: Following the tradition of multi-color gameplay, this installment brings you a great gallery of custom-built mosaic puzzles! Fleeing from the land of dinosaurs, the penguin family came to an unknown place in the ancient forest. Help them make new discoveries and complete a variety of complex logic puzzles! [Source: Amazon]

12. Parallel Universes

Released: December 2015.

Description: Join our penguin on a new mosaics journey to a parallel universe abundant with new colorful logic puzzles! Help the penguin find a key to solving the mystery of the parallel world and discover its inhabitants! Enjoy the challenge and complete custom-built mosaic images based on the logic of numbers! This new installment of fantasy mosaics brings you a vivid gallery in a variety of colors. [Source: Amazon]

13. Unexpected Visitor

Released: January 2016.

Description: Help the penguin family meet their uncle and solve colorful mosaic puzzles! This time the penguin family are expecting a guest! Their great-uncle Aaron is coming over to inspect the house and give them some wisdom! Help the penguins solve this new installment of colorful mosaic puzzles and decorate their house to make uncle Aaron feel welcome! Enjoy your visit at the penguin’s place and get ready to meet uncle Aaron who loves challenging puzzles based on the logic of numbers! [Source: Amazon]

13. Fantasy Mosaics: Unexpected Visitor
13. Fantasy Mosaics: Unexpected Visitor

14. The Fourth Color

Released: February 2016.

Description: Enjoy mosaic puzzles in more colors than ever! Our penguin family just discovered the fourth color for our mosaic puzzles! Along the way, they brought a new palette of colors to choose from as well! Now it’s up to you to experience the colorful puzzles and meet new inhabitants in the penguin world. Get ready for the new achievements featuring stars and cups awarded at the end of each level. Enjoy this installment with exciting innovations that make the puzzles even more fun and challenging! [Source: Amazon]

15. Ancient Land

Released: April 2016.

Description: Enjoy new multi-color mosaic puzzles in prehistoric settings! Join the penguin family on a journey to an ancient land and discover the mysteries of the penguin ancestors! Enjoy this new collection of mosaic puzzles in a variety of colors while exploring the prehistoric landscape. Get ready for the exciting puzzle challenges and get the best achievement awards! New art images hidden in the logic of numbers are waiting to be discovered! [Source: Amazon]

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