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The Far Kingdoms Games by Lazy Turtle

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The Far Kingdoms Game Series by Lazy Turtle Games

This post details The Far Kingdoms game series.

From Lazy Turtle Games.

Listed in order of release.

Hidden object, solitaire, match 3 and mosaic griddler game series.

Available for PC, Mac and Amazon Fire.

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July 2019 Update: The 12th installment in the Far Kingdoms series now available.

The Far Kingdoms Game Series

From: Lazy Turtle Games.
Publisher: HH-Games.
Collector’s Editions include bonus content, more game play and extra features.

1. The Far Kingdoms

Released: November 2013.
Genres: Hidden Object, Puzzle, Adventure.

Plot: Upon returning home from a long journey, Princess Arianna can hardly recognize her own kingdom. The Dark Witch Morgana has enslaved everyone with an evil spell, and it’s up to Princess Arianna to save the people! Use the Royal Amulet and create magic spells to aid you on the your quest as you travel to faraway Kingdoms and meet new friends. Help Princess Arianna save her kingdom and defeat the Dark Witch before it’s too late!

Play The Far Kingdoms 1 available on Amazon for: Fire Tablet (US) or Fire Tablet (UK).

2. The Far Kingdoms: Winter Solitaire

Released: September 2014.
Genres: Solitaire, Card.

Plot: A powerful new evil is coming from the north. The Ice Queen, filled with anger and bent on revenge has cast a cold harsh winter upon the kingdoms! Princess Arianna is our last hope, but she needs your help in her difficult journey. Only you can control the power of the magic cards. Display your solitaire skills and aid the Princess in her mission to defeat the Ice Queen before the land is sealed in eternal winter!

3. The Far Kingdoms: Elements

Released: November 2014.
Genres: Hidden Object, Match 3, Puzzle.

Plot: Morgana may have survived her last battle with Princess Arianna, but now she’s back and more powerful than before! Morgana has cast a deadly and powerful curse upon Princess Arianna’s kingdom turning everyone into stone. Stop Morgana by helping Arianna find the essential elements to remove the curse from her kingdom in The Far Kingdoms: Elements!

4. The Far Kingdoms: Age of Solitaire

Released: April 2015.
Genres: Solitaire, Card.

Plot: Even before Morgana gained her strength the dark wizard weaved his evil magic in the distant lands. It took him many years to prepare a powerful spell and destroy the kingdom of men in one powerful stroke! Only a few people managed to escape! And Arianna was one of them. Use the power of the magic cards to help Arianna rebuild her kingdom!

5. The Far Kingdoms: Sacred Grove Solitaire

Released: December 2015.
Genres: Solitaire, Card.

Plot: In a land far away, there is a beautiful island inhabited by elves. A sacred grove has granted these elves powerful magic but one day everything changed. A powerful earthquake has destroyed the island along with the sacred grove. The Elven Queen seeks your help to restore the island.

The Far Kingdoms Game Series 5. Sacred Grove Solitaire
The Far Kingdoms Game Series 5. Sacred Grove Solitaire

6. The Far Kingdoms: Magic Mosaics

Released: April 2016.
Genres: Mosaic, Puzzle Games, Brain-Teaser.

Plot: One day princess Arianna met a wizard in the forest. He was in a very unpleasant situation. Trying to cast a spell of prediction, he suddenly opened a portal to Arianna’s kingdom. Help the hapless wizard return home by travelling to four kingdoms and refill magic runes with the basic elements: water, air, fire and earth!

7. The Far Kingdoms: Forgotten Relics

Released: April 2017.
Genres: Solitaire, Card.

Plot: You have received a letter from the Elven Prince Eldrin. A huge troll has stolen the kingdom’s precious relics and broken them apart – scattering them across the 4 kingdoms. Prince Eldrin is asking for your help in finding his stolen relics. Can you help find them before the Queen returns?

8. The Far Kingdoms: Garden Mosaics

Released: October 2017.
Genres: Mosaic, Puzzle, Brain-Teaser.

Plot: This year’s Day of Magic celebrations will take place in your Kingdom. You need to prepare for the arrival of some very important guests and building a magnificent garden is just what you need to impress the crowd. Solve puzzles to earn gold coins and buy decorations for your garden. Solve all the puzzles and prepare a tea party for the Queen of the Elves.

9. The Far Kingdoms: Spooky Mosaics

Released: October 2017.
Genres: Mosaic, Puzzle, Brain-Teaser.

Plot: Halloween is coming! But you need to prepare your Kingdom for the celebration. Solve puzzles to find gold coins and buy decorations for your Kingdom. Solve all the puzzles and find the missing Dracula costume.

10. The Far Kingdoms: Awakening Solitaire

Released: February 2018.
Genres: Solitaire, Card.

Plot: Princess, your sister has been in a deep sleep for days and no one has been able to wake her! It’s now clear that this is the work of an evil spell. To break the spell, you must find the Elixir of Awakening. The journey will be long and dangerous, but it’s your sister’s only hope. Venture out into the wonderful world of The Far Kingdoms and complete unique solitaire challenges to retrieve the elixir and save your sister!

11. The Far Kingdoms: Magic Mosaics 2

Released: June 2019.
Genres: Mosaic, Puzzle, Brain-Teaser.

Plot: The dark magician has returned to threaten the kingdoms. He has created an evil army that no one can stop. You must solve the mosaic puzzles to locate the dark crystal. Only by destroying it will the dark magician finally be defeated.

12. The Far Kingdoms: Hidden Magic

Released: July 2019.
Genres: Hidden Object, Puzzle, Adventure.

Plot: Someone is responsible for the King’s untimely death and it’s up to you to solve this mystery! Choose your avatar and travel across the kingdom to solve hidden object puzzles and meet interesting characters that will help you on your quest. You just might run into the traitor of the crown! Seek and find hidden objects in beautiful scenes around the royal village and castle. Zoom in and out of crafted scenes and see if you can spot mystery clues lurking in the shadows… Can you solve this hidden object mystery?

The Far Kingdoms Game Series 12. Hidden Magic
The Far Kingdoms Game Series 12. Hidden Magic

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